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Global ABC (Automated Border Control) Conference and Exhibition
October 25-26, 2012
Warsaw, Poland

On 25-26 October 2012, Frontex and the European Commission will hold the 1st Global Conference and Exhibition on future developments of Automated Border Control (ABC) in Warsaw, Poland.

As international travel flows continue to rise, a key challenge lays in processing large volumes of travellers at the borders in a fast and secure manner. To maintain a top quality service in a cost effective way, governments and other stakeholders have started exploring innovative solutions where automation can help to facilitate travel. The deployment of ABC systems worldwide has expanded in recent times but has so far taken place in a disconnected manner. There is, however, a need for a coordinated exchange of experiences and lessons learnt on ABC-related issues, and for a comprehensive way forward towards future developments.

The Conference on future developments of ABC co-organised by Frontex and the European Commission will constitute the first global initiative dedicated to ABC technologies and as such will serve as a platform for dialogue among all relevant stakeholders in this field. The aim is to bring together government officials from national border management and immigration authorities, Ministries of Interior, other law enforcement agencies responsible for border security, as well as policy makers, international organizations, standardisation bodies, airport authorities, academia, and private companies offering technologies and products related to ABC.

The Conference will focus on the operational and practical challenges linked to the use of automation, the need for and the benefits of global interoperability and the ways in which this can be achieved and promoted. Furthermore, it will address the role of international and regional actors in promoting a harmonised and coherent approach and in shaping a future strategic vision for ABC. An Industry Exhibition is planned as a side-event to the Conference.

A programme outline will be published shortly. However, should you wish to have further information on the event, please contact Frontex at: ABC-conference@frontex.europa.eu

Information on the Industry Exhibition is available at the Frontex website