League of Green Embassies

Progress Reports

Since the inception of the League of Green Embassies under the leadership of Ambassador Michael Wood, and now under the Chairmanship of Ambassador Bruce Oreck, US embassies are undergoing retrofits and redesign to support President Obama’s Executive Order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and showcase U.S. green technology products under the National Export Initiative. We are making progress in a variety of ways through our “makeover” and other joint Commerce and State programs. We are also gathering country market information in green building sectors.





Market Reports

As part of the Platinum Key Service, we are providing specific market research on a range of country specific green building sectors including energy services and performance contracting for energy service companies.

LoGE Annual Report

“Green Glimpse” Report of the European Market

UK Energy Efficiency and ESCO Market Research: The “Green Deal”

EU Policy Directive on ESCOs