League of Green Embassies

The United States Departments of Commerce and State have joined together to support the League of Green Embassies program as part of the National Export Initiative.

What This Means for U.S. Exporters!

  • Expand your exports in foreign markets with the support of U.S. Embassies!
  • Export technologies to foreign buyers using U.S. Embassies as your launch pad!
  • Introduce your solutions to help make U.S. embassies energy efficient and independent!
  • Join the effort to demonstrate U.S. technological leadership to the world!


Get Involved

Key Events


Energy Solutions for Sustainable Embassies, Seminar and Reception, Monday, June 4, 2012, Arlington, Virginia 3:00-7:00. Please contact Jane Siegel jane.siegel@trade.gov for more information

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