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Abogados y Notarios Novales

Abogados & Notarios Novales

Contact: Cristian Novales Schlesinger, Attorney at Law/Partner
Avenida La Reforma 10-00, Zona 9
Condominio Reforma, Despacho 5B
01009 Guatemala
Phone: 011-502-2383-0555
Fax: 011-502-2383-0556
Email: cnovales@N0SPAM.novales.com.gt
Web: http://www.novales.com.gt

ANN was founded in 1974 by our senior director Alfonso Novales Aguirre, we define ourselves as a firm of specialized lawyers trained to provide legal and profitable solutions to meet our clients needs; we believe in personalized service to our clients, and understand the complexities surrounding national and international business.

WHO ARE WE: We are a team of approximately 70 people, 20 lawyers and 50 administrative staff (paralegal and secretaries), working in 2 different offices in Guatemala City, covering the financial heart of our country.

WHERE ARE WE: Guatemala is the northernmost country of Central America, just south of Mexico and a short 2:00 hour flight from Miami; with a population of 15 million we have the biggest economy in Central America, and one of the most important gates of entrance to foreign investment in the region.

PRACTICING LAW IN GUATEMALA: Regarding our legal tradition, Guatemala is a civil law country, and thus shares its legal institutions and basic laws with the countries of continental Europe, Mexico and South America and the state of Louisiana in the United States. It is important to remark that in Guatemala, all lawyers are also notaries, and so the legalization of contracts and other documents is far easier and expedite that in other jurisdictions.

• Corporate and Commercial Law
• Intellectual Property
• Energy and Environmental Law
• Litigation and ADR
• Tax
• Real Estate and Property
• Family Law
• Aeronautic and Maritime Law