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Trade Counseling

Looking to export to Guatemala? Having difficulties in expanding your business in this country? Let the U.S. Commercial Service become your in-country marketing partner.

We provide the support you need to facilitate the successful insertion of your company in this market.

Just contact us and let us know what you need.

Planning and Strategy

Increase your export sales and enter the Guatemalan market with your U.S.-made products and services. Our staff of commercial specialists has the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed in this marketplace. We will work closely with you to provide in depth export consulting and customized business solutions.

Trade Problems

Having communication problems with your client? Having trouble getting paid? Through informal, conciliatory efforts we can help you resolve misunderstandings between you and your Guatemalan client, enabling you to settle your differences through friendly negotiations.

Having difficulties bidding on an international tender? We can help you overcome trade barriers, bureaucratic problems, or unfair trade practices and level the playing field to ensure that your company has the best possible chance to sell its U.S. products and services in Guatemala. Learn more…

We can also offer assistance with customs-related issues.

Long-term Consulting and Support

If you are active in a key industry sector, involved in bidding on a major project, or seeking commercial intelligence to achieve your business goals in Guatemala, take advantage of intensive, long-term export consulting and trade advocacy from our in country experts. Learn more...

No matter what your needs are in this market, you will be making the right decision when you contact the U.S. Commercial Service in Guatemala for counseling and assistance. Our staff of commercial specialists stand ready to assist you.