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Testimonials from our former interns:

I had an incredible experience working at the U.S. Commercial Service in Hong Kong during Spring 2009. Throughout the internship, I had the opportunity to work with various extremely knowledgeable Commercial Specialists across industries ranging from Technology to Tourism to Financial Services and get a good grasp of all the various aspects of the business. My projects ranged from writing market research reports, to organizing a Senior Executive Luncheon on behalf of an American technology firm, to initiating the effort to assist a California wine company export their products to local businesses in Macau. The people in the office are extremely friendly and sincerely care about helping you develop your career interests. I was very interested in finance and through talking with the Chief Commercial Officer, I had the opportunity to work with him directly and lead the effort to write a report on Renminbi bonds and trade settlements done in RMB in Hong Kong. I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work closely with the Head of the Economics Department in the State Department as well and interview some very senior economists in both the private and public sectors. I learned a great deal over my internship and would certainly recommend this to anyone who is interested in business, diplomacy, and economics. It’s a very rewarding experience.

Ting Cui
May 2009


During my internship I have had excellent accompaniment. The colleagues were very helpful with answering my questions and solving my problems. I wasn’t treated as an intern but rather as a colleague and got the opportunity to think about developments and practical problems of the organization itself.

The commercial department of the U.S. Consulate exists of strong group employees, who all know each other very well and in which you are received warm-hearted. The staff communicates open and directly which enables the working process.

I learnt how people behave in an organization, how they handle conflicts and how they deal with other people.

So far I had the opportunity to attend several events, work very independently, brainstorm on various projects and many more, and this all has pleased me well. I can advice everyone to do a placement here at the U.S. Commercial Service.

Thanks to the way in which my intern mentor and colleagues helped me, I can look back with instructive and pleasant feelings on this period.

Rachel Tang
April 2009


This internship was given me a lot of understanding about the operation within an office. Every time if I have a task to do I see it as an opportunity to broaden my horizon and upgrade my skills. This will make me aware of all the things I am involved with. Life is like school and here every day is like to be a learning day. And indeed here this internship I learn every day.

In this office I like more and more calling to several companies, it makes me improve my telephone skills and I am not afraid of the phone calls anymore. I like writing reports; however it didn’t always go without mistakes. I think everybody is learning every day, even me. This internship makes me realize you have to be more accurate, confident, self-motivated and certainly meet the deadlines and to be responsible for whatever you do.

I think the gatherings and meetings with colleagues have improved the working environment, because it really enforces the team spirit. I enjoy this internship because I feel I am a part of the group, everybody is very nice to me and some colleagues are so funny that makes me feel go good here. I feel I am quite adapted to the Hong Kong working style. I hope I will be improving progressively, step-by-step to be a better employee. And this internship is one of the first ways to help me to do this.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

Maicy Yip
April 2009


My experience at the U.S. Commercial Service in Hong Kong was extremely rewarding. As an undergraduate, I found that international business is a difficult field to get experience in. Fortunately, this internship allowed me to learn about international trade in a real-world setting that would be impossible to find anywhere else. As a department, the Commercial Service lies at a critical intersection between diplomacy and business, making this internship an incredible experience for anyone interested in those fields.

Helping out at tradeshows was probably the highlight of my internship, but I also really enjoyed making contributions to a variety of other projects. Depending on your interests, you are very much able to focus your time on assignments that you have an interest in.

Lastly, I want to emphasize that the environment here is very encouraging. I cannot speak highly enough of the responsibilities you are entrusted with as an intern. The projects you will come across in your time here are not only unique, but also make for great learning experiences.

David Wu
December 2010


I worked for CS Hong Kong for two months over winter 2010-11. I had a great time and learned a ton. If you prove to the specialists that you are a capable and hard worker they reward you with great projects. I was made the head contact in the office for one of the trade show delegations and got to correspond directly with some very important players in the US and Asian aviation sectors.  I was able to write interesting market research reports on the Hong Kong film industry, the emerging electric vehicle market, and the publishing industry. The specialists invited me to interesting seminars at the American Chamber of Commerce on intellectual property in China, US export licensing requirements and green energy investment in the Hong Kong public transport sector. I also got to work alongside the Consular Affairs Section to help plan the Consular Leadership Day. This enabled me to not just experience the work of the Commercial Service office but also of the US Consulate. The internship is definitely what you make of it. There is so much to learn and the specialists are very keen to help you progress if you put in the effort. It is a really rewarding experience and I highly recommend it if you are interested in pursuing a career in international trade or are interested in having a better understanding of the Federal Government.

Bryn Cain
February 2011


I worked as an intern in CSHK from 1st December 2010 to 16th February 2011. It is a lovely office and I enjoyed my time working here. The colleagues are very friendly and kind. While I got allocated some administrative tasks at times, I also got to do some very meaningful and challenging tasks too, such as producing booklets, organizing meetings, conducting reports, writing reports, finding and contacting potential clients, etc. I have learnt many things from working here, including how to manage interpersonal relationships with colleagues, how some specific industry actually work, how to communicate clearly and efficiently with clients, how to find certain statistics and information from difference sources, etc. I certainly think it is a great work experience to have, and I’d like to recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in international trade, international relations or simply the way different industries work.

Lavender Chan
February 2011


Working here at the US Commercial Service in Hong Kong was a very valuable experience for me. I obtained a good understanding of how businesses run in Hong Kong as well as the important role Hong Kong plays in greater China. My work here ranged from attending trade shows, analyzing trade statistics, and calling companies/organizations to reach out in order to expand our network. I also had the opportunity to be here at the exciting time of Chinese New Year.

In addition to many detailed facts, I acquired some important skills in this office that will stay with me and help me in my future career. The skill of being independent and being able to do things with very limited guidance, making cold calls, meeting with business people and exchanging cards and making a “sales pitch”. Hong Kong is also a great environment to do all of this in. I personally took the chance to learn as much as I could about the local culture and language. I found this helps both in and out of the office.

If anyone is interested in international business, international trade, statistics, and/or foreign relations, this internship will be great for you. The office has industry specialists that are very knowledgeable and will make a huge difference in your time here. Working closely with them will help you get the most out of this internship. Being part of the office, as well as the Commercial Service’s (and the US Consulate/Embassy) worldwide network is a cool feeling, as you have access to all their resources. While here, I urge you to make use of them, and learn as much as you can. Networking is a key factor in this internship. I met many people through business meetings, trade shows, as well as phone calls. I now feel more prepared to enter the business world thanks to this internship.

Zane Kheir
March 2011


I had many high expectations working for the US Commercial Service, and I am very happy to say that this internship has exceeded all of them. During my ten weeks here, I visited a US aircraft carrier, took notes in a meeting with the Consulate-General and other senior staff, and also listened to a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to Hong Kong. I am also proud to have assisted in organizing a successful networking luncheon for a US technology company, participate in business matchmaking programs and visited a total of 28 different local schools for the purpose of promoting US higher education.

Through this internship, I learned a lot of relevant professional skills that will be useful in any career such as research techniques, cold calling, understanding clients and other interpersonal skills that are essential in an office environment. However, my biggest take away from this job is gaining a better understanding of Hong Kong and its business environment. It’s difficult to grasp how unique Hong Kong is until you experience it firsthand, with its blend of local and western culture in business or everyday life. The people you will meet in this internship may have a local or international background and may speak English or Chinese, so it is important to be prepared for both.

This internship is very helpful to anyone interested in pursuing a career in international business, public administration or foreign relations. Although there is a wide range of projects available, I would encourage all interns to actively pursue those that they are interested in by talking to individual specialists and the industries they are in charge of. Ultimately, this internship is what you make of it, and the more eager you are to approach the people you meet, the more you will learn from the time you spend with the Commercial Service.

Eric Lun
July 2011


While working at the US Consulate Hong Kong, I have gained a very valuable experience. During my 11 week internship, I feel as if I have learned life-long skills that will become useful in my future endeavors. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Commercial Specialists who have given me a number of tasks that have helped me gain insurmountable insight into the International Business field. I cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude I feel for the CSHK team as they have been very welcoming and extremely helpful throughout my time here.

My work at CSHK has introduced me to multiple sectors and industries including Education, Travel and Tourism, Cosmetics, and Jewelry. With a lot of independence, the Specialists allowed me to put together a number of reports that were presented to businesses seeking information about Hong Kong. Among several other things, the Specialists also allowed me to attend meetings, join conference calls, organize and schedule meetings, put together a luncheon, and revise the Education section of the “Country Commercial Guide.” Not only have I learned a lot about general business etiquette, but I have also learned a lot about both the Hong Kong culture and the business environment in greater China.

This internship offers many opportunities for you to explore different sectors that may interest you. Get to know the different specialists and any potential projects that they may be working on. This internship is what you make of it, so do not be afraid to ask to join in on any projects. I would encourage all future interns to have an open mind and take every opportunity to work with the industry specialists.

Christina Yuan
Summer 2012


I had many high expectations working for the US Commercial Service, and I am very happy to say that this internship has exceeded all of them. During my ten weeks here, I visited several trade shows, China Overseas Investment Summit, and prepared talking points for commercial officers’ meetings with business leaders in Hong Kong. I am also proud to have assisted in organizing business matching events and a natural products exhibition for US exporters, as well as meeting several local school representatives for the purpose of promoting US higher education.

Through this internship, I learned a lot of relevant professional skills that will be useful in any career related to marketing, research techniques, and trade counseling. However, my biggest benefit from this job is gaining a better understanding of Hong Kong and its economic ties to mainland China and the U.S. The Chinese investors I reached in the China Overseas Investment Summit made me understand the unique role of Hong Kong market environment as a mixture of Chinese culture and western legal system. It can definitely serve as an especially important pad for Chinese companies to invest in global world, including the U.S. Therefore, this is a meaningful experience for me to intern in the Hong Kong office of U.S. Commercial Service.

This internship is very helpful to anyone interested in pursuing a career in international trade, public administration or foreign services. Although there is a wide range of projects available, all interns are always encouraged to actively pursue those that they are interested in by talking to individual specialists and the industries they are in charge of. For me, this internship allowed me to participate in support U.S. commercial service in the city of my birth, while obtaining greater experience in my area of policy interest. The experience would certainly enrich my skills and prepare me to work for U.S. government in the future.

Victor Chan
September 2012