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Build Your Business in the United States

Why Invest in the United States?

More and more companies around the world are choosing America as the place to build their business. There’s good reason for that – America has the most appealing investment environment in the world. It has:

  • A talented workforce
  • A lucrative consumer market
  • A strong research and development base
  • A strong intellectual property protection system
  • A transparent and predictable legal system
  • A highly-developed infrastructure
  • Robust supply chains


Companies that want to build their business in the United States have a powerful new partner – SelectUSA. Established by President Obama in 2011, this is the first-ever federal-wide effort to facilitate business investment as an engine for job growth and economic development. The initiative is housed in the Commerce Department and coordinates investment-related resources across U.S. federal agencies. SelectUSA provides information to the global investment community, serves as an ombudsman for investors, and works as an advocate for U.S. cities, states and regions. It operates under strict geographic neutrality and does not steer investments towards one U.S. location over another.

SelectUSA is the single point of contact at the national level to help international and domestic firms grow and invest in the United States. It also works in partnership with Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) that are looking to attract business investment in the local areas.

SelectUSA is aggressively focused on increasing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the United States. The total stock of FDI in the U.S. is over $2.3 trillion, and preliminary data indicates that the U.S. received $220 billion in FDI in 2011 alone.

Information Assistance for the Global Investment Community

SelectUSA helps connect potential investors with EDOs in U.S. cities, states, and regions. It also provides investors with information on federal programs and services available to businesses operating in the United States – including grants, loans, and other assistance programs.

An Ombudsman for Investors

SelectUSA is an ombudsman that can help resolve issues involving federal regulations, programs, or activities related to existing, pending, and potential investments. Working with SelectUSA, investors can develop a better understanding of how to navigate U.S. regulations.

Contact SelectUSA Today

To find out more about SelectUSA and its services, visit SelectUSA.gov or call (202) 482-6800. Hong Kong and Macau contact person: Mr. Gary Kwan, email: gary.kwan@trade.gov, Tel: (852) 2521-1467.