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Cosmoprof Asia 2014

U.S. Exhibitors:

Absolute New York Booth: 1E-H5E
Website: www.nicka.com
Product / Service: Nail polishes, nail treatment (manicure and pedicure products), color cosmetics, skincare products and make-up accessories for retail and mass market distribution.

Acme Cosmetic Components Booth: 5G-F1F
Website: www.acmecomponents.com
Product / Service: Glass, Metal and Plastic Containers.

Afam Concept Inc. Booth: 1E-J3D
Website: www.vitaleproducts.com
Product / Service: Beauty & personal care products, hair care products.

American International Industries Booth: 1E-J2B
Website: www.aiibeauty.com
Product / Service: Nail products, color cosmetics and eyelash products.

Ampac USA, Inc. Booth: 1E-J6B
Website: www.ampac-usa.com
Product / Service: Vitamin C skincare products, private label manufacturing.

ATZEN Superior to Organic Skin Care Booth: 1E-J6G
Website: www.atzen.com
Product / Service: Skin care for retail sales channels: Age-Reverse™, acne, skin lightening, natural sun care (full spectrum), body (stretch marks, cellulite, lightening, hydrating).

Australian Gold LLC Booth: 1E-J7B
Website: www.australiangold.com
Product / Service: Sun tanning products.

Beauty Stage Inc. – Ferity Booth: 1E-J3A
Website: http://beautystageinc.com
Product / Service: Nail polish, nail treatments, color cosmetics and make-up accessories.

Beautystreams Inc. Booth: GF-A7A
Website: www.beautystreams.com
Product / Service: Web publication and consultants focusing on forecasting trends in beauty and packaging industries.

Belcam Inc. Booth: 1E-J3E
Website: www.belcam.ws
Product / Service: Nail tools, baby care products, aromatherapy products, fragrances, hair brushes, combs and scissors.

Bio Creative Labs Booth: 1E-J7A
Website: www.biocreativelabs.com
Product / Service: Hands, feet and body care products, spa treatment products.

Biorius Sprl Booth: 1E-J3G
Website: www.biorius.com
Product / Service: Regulatory consultancy services.

Cailyn Cosmetics Booth: 1E-H5F
Website: www.smileworldcosmetics.com
Product / Service: Professional mineral cosmetics and skincare manufacturer. Private labeling and contract manufacturing.

California Mango Booth: 1E-K4G
Website: www.cinderellahair.com
Product / Service: Curling irons & hair products and hair extensions.

Careplus Corrective Skin Care Booth: 1E-J5A
Website: www.careplusskin.com
Product / Service: Skincare products for advanced skin, for salon distribution, and medical skincare products. Private labeling and contract manufacturing.

Chrislie Formulations Booth: 1E-Q2C
Website: www.arminak-associates.com
Product / Service: Eye lash growth products, nail colors, perfumes, natural skincare and eye care products. Private labeling and contract manufacturing.

Concept II Cosmetics, LLC Booth: 1E-J6D
Website: www.conceptiicosmetics.com
Product / Service: Lotions, body creams and perfumes for men and women.

Cospro Development, Corp. Booth: 1E-H5C
Website: www.cospro.co
Product / Service: Natural skin care & cosmeceuticals contract manufacturing, R&D service.

Daily Concept Booth: 1E-K4D4
Website: www.dailyconcepts.com
Product / Service: Shower products.

De Fabulous Inc. Booth: 3G-H3A
Website: www.defabulous.com
Product / Service: Hair products, treatments, and styling tools and products. Treatments using acai berries, murumuru butter, KerAcai (keratin + acai) and Cysteine complex. Private labeling and contract manufacturing.

Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills – Professional Skincare Booth: 1E-K4H
Website: www.dermaestheticsusa.com
Product / Service: Contract manufacturing /private labeling of professional skincare products & the “DBH” brand of skincare products for retail and professional use.

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Booth: GH-B3A
Website: www.dermelect.com
Product / Service: Skin care products, anti-aging treatments.

Dr. Jacobs Naturals Booth: 1E-J4B
Website: www.drjacobsnaturals.com
Product / Service: Natural Castile Soap products.

Ecru Lifestyle Beauty Booth: 3G-K3B
Website: www.ecrunewyork.com
Product / Service: Haircare products combining high quality skincare and cosmetic grade ingredients with the performance of professional haircare. Professional make-up, spa products, babycare products, hairstyling tools and personal care products.

EMANI Vegan Professional Cosmetics Booth: 1E-K4D1
Website: www.emani.com
Product / Service: Cosmetic brushes, sponges and cosmetic mirrors, make-up accessories for professional use, color cosmetics and make-up accessories for retail and mass market distribution.

Exuviance by NeoStrata Booth: 3E-J4C
Website: www.neostrata.com
Product / Service: Pioneer in AHA technology. 2 ranges of skincare products: Exuviance sold through salons & Neostrata sold through medical endorsement by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Both lines comprise of products for anti-aging, treating acne and hyper pigmentation.

Fallene Ltd. Booth: 1E-J3A
Website: www.totalblock.com
Product / Service: Two lines of premium sunscreens that are mineral-based and chemical-free, one for professional use and one for retail channels.

Fisk Industries Booth: 1E-J4C
Website: www.firadirect.com/; www.dandrdirect.com
Product / Service: Skincare and cosmetic products under the brand “Dagget & Ramsdell” for skin imperfections, “Cover Your Gray” to touch up hair color and “Claudia Stevens”.

FMK Labs Booth: 5G-G3A
Website: http://fmklabs.com/
Product / Service: Eyelash extensions/false eyelashes, make-up, skincare products, spa products, natural and organic skincare products. Private labeling and contract manufacturing.

Fusion Packaging Booth: 5G-E2D
Website: www.fusionpkg.com
Product / Service: Packaging for skincare and cosmetic products.

Gel II Booth: GH-E2A
Website: www.geltwo.com
Product / Service: Gel nail products.

Hair Art International Inc. Booth: 1E-H5A
Website: http://hairartproducts.com
Product / Service: Provides cutting edge salon tools and appliances and recently launched the top of the line virgin European hair extensions, Invisi-Tab, and wigs, House of European Hair.

Hollywood Style Booth: 1E-K4A
Website: www.Hollywoodstyleusa.com
Product / Service: Skin care, hair care, foot care and body care products.

HSI Professional Booth: 3G-G3B
Website: www.hsiprofessional.com/
Product / Service: Salon quality professional styling tools, hair care products and accessories.

Hydropeptide Booth: 3E-E5E
Website: www.hydropephide.com
Product / Service: Medical beauty products, services and equipment, professional skin care products for beauty salons, professional spa products & treatments.

ICMAD Booth: 1E-J7D
Website: www.icmad.org
Product / Service: International cosmetic trade association for small to medium sized entrepreneurial companies. Provides legislative, regulatory, technical, marketing, and communication information.

Impression Beauty International Booth: 1E-J6C
Website: www.ibinails.com
Product / Service: Nail enhancement products.

Incoco Products Booth: GH-E3D
Website: www.incoco.com
Product / Service: Self-stick nail polish strips.

ISO Beauty Professional, Inc. Booth: 3G-G3D
Website: www.isobeauty.com
Product / Service: Hair styling products & tools.

J. Cat Beauty Enterprise LLC Booth: 1E-J6H
Website: www.jcatbeauty.com
Product / Service: Cosmetics and make-up for eyes, lips, face and nails.

JB Cosmetics Booth: 1E-J4D
Website: http://jbcosmetics.com
Product / Service: Eyelash products: “Lashfood,” all-natural makeup; “SimplePerm,” lash perming kits, and eyelash extensions.

June Jacobs Spa Collections Booth: 3E-H3E
Website: www.junejacobs.com
Product / Service: Bath and body products, skincare products for retail and spas. Private labeling and contract manufacturing.

Kaplan MD Booth: 1E-K4D3
Website: www.kaplanmd.com
Product / Service: Professional skincare products for beauty salons, professional spa products & treatments, natural and organic skincare products for retail and mass market distribution.

Kemas Booth: 5G-R6B
Product / Service: Cosmetic brushes, sponges and cosmetic mirrors, glass, metal and plastic containers, private label or contract manufacturing (OEM/ ODM/ OBM)

Keratherapy Booth: 3G-K3E
Website: www.keratherapy.com
Product / Service: Formaldehyde-free Keratin smoothing treatment for hair.

Keystone Industries/Polychromatic Booth: GF-C3A
Website: www.keystoneind.com
Product / Service: Private labeling of UV gels, acrylic polymers and coatings for nails.

Kiss Products Booth: GH-C1B
Website: www.kissusa.com
Product / Service: Manufacturer and distributor of nail products.

La Fresh Group, Inc. Booth: 1E-K4C
Website: www.lafreshgroup.com
Product / Service: Hot and cold disposable wet wipes, baby care products, natural and organic skincare products, hotel amenities.

LASplach & IONI Cosmetics Booth: 1E-J7C
Website: www.lasplashcosmetics.com
Product / Service: Fun color cosmetics and private label manufacturing.

LeChat Nail Products Booth: GH-E2C
Website: www.lechatnails.com
Product / Service: Manufacturer of the only powder gel nail system in the market, and nail art, and paint brush stripping nails and the Dare 2 Wear 5-n-One color-changing nails. Also offers private label counseling and nail polish lines.

M.A. Demaceuticals/M.A.D. Skincare Booth: 3E-E5D
Website: www.mad-skincare.com
Product / Service: Medical skin care and beauty products. Private labeling and contract manufacturing.

Macadamia Professional Booth: 3G-J4A
Website: www.macadamiahair.com
Product / Service: Shampoo, masks, and oil treatments for hair made with oil from macadamia nuts. Hair styling tools & hair dryers using Silver Nano, Tourmaline, Ionic, Far-Infrared, Ceramic and Digital technologies.

ManageMySpa Booth: 3E-E6D
Website: www.managemyspa.com
Product / Service: Software for managing spas, salons & medi-spas.

Mediderm Laboratories Booth: 1E-J6E
Website: www.medidermlab.com
Product / Service: Personal care and cosmetic products formulated using herbal, cosmeceutical and medicinal raw materials. Private labeling and contract manufacturing.

Mica Beauty Cosmetics Booth: 1E-J4A
Website: www.micabeauty.com
Product / Service: Skincare products, hair products, mineral make-up.

Mychelle Dermaceuticals LLC Booth: 1E-J2B
Website: www.mychelle.com
Product / Service: Natural and organic skincare products.

Nu-Bio Dermaceuticals Booth: 1E-J6A
Website: www.nu-bio.com
Product / Service: Skincare, haircare and spa products, personal care products. Private labeling and contract manufacturing services.

Nutra Luxe MD Booth: 1E-G6C
Website: www.nutraluxe.net
Product / Service: Professional massage infrared and phototherapy systems for skin treatment and skin care products.

NYX Cosmetics Booth: 1E-H6A
Website: www.nyxcosmetics.com
Product / Service: Full line of color cosmetics.

Oralabs, Inc. Booth: 1E-H5B
Website: www.oralabs.com
Product / Service: Lip balms, sun care products, breath care, and hand sanitizers; private labeling services.

Palladio Beauty Group Booth: 1E-H5D
Website: www.palladiobeauty.com
Product / Service: Full line of herbal and vitamin-enriched cosmetics, and rice powder for face and cosmetics line; shine control blotting tissues.

Parfums de Coeur Booth: 1E-J5F
Website: www.parfumsdecoeur.com
Product / Service: Body fragrances – “Body Fantasiés”, “Bod Man”.

PhytoCeuticals, Inc. Booth: 3E-J3C
Website: www.phyto-usa.com/
Product / Service: Skincare products for distribution through professional salons and dermatologists.

Prestige Cosmetics Corporation Booth: 1E-J5B
Website: www.prestigecosmetics.com/
Product / Service: Color cosmetics.

Private Label Select Booth: 1E-Q2B
Website: www.privatelabelselect.com
Product / Service: Private label manufacturer of lip balms, lip tints, salves, solid fragrances and aromatherapy products using organically-derived ingredients, and makes for well-known brand names. USDA-certified organic manufacturing facilities.

Pura Booth: 3E-E3B
Website: www.heartlandtan.com
Product / Service: Indoor tanning beds, tanning lotions and systems.

Robanda International, Inc. Booth: 1E-K4E
Website: www.robanda.com
Product / Service: Skincare, haircare & personal care products.

Sassi America, Inc. Booth: 1E-J6F
Website: www.sassiworld.com
Product / Service: Nail products and cosmetic implements.

Shikai Products Booth: 1E-K4D2
Website: www.shikai.com
Product / Service: Natural cosmetics such as skin care, hair care, and soap & bath preparations.

SilverLining Skincare, Inc. Booth: 1E-Q7C
Website: http://silverliningskincare.com
Product / Service: Skincare containing pure silver.

SinfulColors Booth: CH-K2A
Website: www.sinfulcolors.com
Product / Service: Color cosmetics.

Sorme Cosmetic Booth: 1E-J3C
Website: www.sorme.com
Product / Service: Color cosmetics and skincare products.

Spongelle LLC Booth: 1E-K4B
Website: www.spongelle.com
Product / Service: Bath products.

Starlite – PS Advanced Engineering Booth: 3E-M2F
Website: www.starlitetherapy.com
Product / Service: StarLite – LM cleared LED wrinkle reduction device, stimulates collagen rejuvenation.

Synergy Global Exchange, Inc. Booth: 1E-K4F
Website: www.synergyglobalexchange.com
Product / Service: Organic, Natural and Halal beauty products free from harmful ingredients worldwide in the following categories: hair care, skin care, body care, nail care, cosmetics, vitamin/supplement.

Tattoo Junkee Body Art Cosmetics Booth: 1E-C4A
Website: www.glimmerbodyart.com
Product / Service: Glitter tattoo products.

The Balm Booth: 1E-H5B
Website: www.thebalm.com
Product / Service: A complete line of makeup, skin care, hair care and nail polish.

The Kirschner Group Inc. Booth: 1E-H5C
Website: www.kirschnergroup.com
Product / Service: Manufacturers’ representative for the professional beauty industry – hair, skin and nail care.

The Source LLC Booth: 3G-G3C
Website: www.pmthesource.com/
Product / Service: Provides a technical kit of professional quality Paul Mitchell branded cosmetology tools.

The Wet Brush / JD Beauty Group Booth: 1E-J5G
Website: www.jdbeauty.com
Product / Service: Various brands of hair dryers, clippers, brushes, combs and cosmetic tools for salon use: Luxor Pro, Power-Mag, Euroline, Tifi etc.

Touch America Booth: 3E-E5A
Website: www.touchamerica.com
Product / Service: Massage and Spa Equipment.

USA Health Supply Booth: 1E-J3B
Website: www.sinoregent.com
Product / Service: Nutritional supplements.

U.S. Commercial Service Booth: 1E-J7F
Website: www.export.gov/hongkong
Product / Service: Helps U.S. companies export their products and services to Hong Kong and Macau.

Catalog Show at Booth: 1E-J7F
Celgard, LLC

Website: www.celgard.com
Product / Service: Microporous polymer membranes, an exciting new facial blotting sheet can also be used in waterproof/breathable textiles, fragrance devices, water purification, fuel cells, and other applications.

Global Color Brands
Website: www.pureice.com
Product / Service: A subdivision of Revlon selling affordable nail polish.

Website: www.jenelt.com
Product / Service: Skin care and beauty products.

La Canada Ventures Inc.
Website: www.mdlashfactor.com/
Product / Service: Hair care, lash care and skin care products.

Lafes Natural BodyCare
Website: www.lafes.com
Product / Service: Certified organic deodorants, baby and haircare products.

Lifeline Medical, Inc.
Website: www.lifelinemedical.net/
Product / Service: Manufacturer of skin care equipment and skin care products for the spa and salon market.

Lira Cosmeceutical
Website: www.liraclinical.com
Product / Service: Professional skin care products.

Tech Tips, LLC
Website: www.nano-nails.com
Product / Service: 1st wearable touchscreen stylus that looks, can be decorated, and applied like an artificial nail or nail enhancement.

Terra Nova
Website: www.terranovabody.com/
Product / Service: Bath and body care products, also produce Nectarine, a private label division of fragrance and personal care products.

World Skin LLC
Website: http://stanldyjacobsmd.com/about
Product / Service: Skin care products.

Van Tribolli Beauty Corp Booth: 3G-K2A
Website: www.vtbeauty.com / www.globalkeratin.com
Product / Service: Equipment and accessories for hairdressers, professional products for beauty salons and spas.

Viora Booth: 3E-H3A
Website: www.vioramed.com
Product / Service: Advanced medical aesthetic systems and equipment.

Wahl Clipper Corp. Booth: 3G-K3C
Website: www.wahlpro.com/; http://consumer.wahl.com
Product / Service: Haircut kits, trimmers, shavers, massagers, styling accessories for consumer and the professional beauty, barber salon trade and pets.

Winexint’l Inc. USA Booth: 3E-H2A & G2B
Product / Service: Franchising, professional make-up and color cosmetics, professional skincare products for beauty salons, professional spa products & treatments.