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Eco Expo Asia 2012

U.S. Exhibitors

Alpha Scents, Inc. Booth: 3-B34
Website: www.alphascents.com
Alpha Scents, Inc. is an innovative leader in the fields of insect monitoring and control for the forestry, agriculture and stored product industries. The company supplies a comprehensive line of insect traps and lures as well as MalEx, the Attract & Kill control products for several insect pests. Alpha Scents is continuously engaged in research and development designed to bring new monitoring and control products to the market.

Alternative Petroleum Technologies Booth: 6-B06
Website: www.altpetrol.com
Alternative petroleum Technology (APT) holds license rights to the only Diesel Emulsion Fuels that were verified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and are protected by 100+ world-wide patents. APT offers a full spectrum of EMULSION FUEL products – from Diesel to Heavy Fuel Oil Emulsions and most recently to Renewable Biodiesel Fuel Blends.

Architectural Applications Booth: 3-C31
Website: www.architecturalapplications.com
Architectural Applications is developing a revolutionary new building air conditioning technology. By integrating a large-scale component into the building wall, the technology simultaneously reduces air conditioning energy and improves wall insulation, offering a double benefit. Architectural Applications was funded by the ARPA-E program, the most prestigious clean energy funding program in the USA. Their technology development partner has been Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the most advanced center of building science in the USA.

BioFiltro, Inc. Booth: 6-C08
Website: www.biofiltro.com
BilFiltro is a commercially proven biological reactor technology for the treatment of household sewage & liquid industrial waste of organic origin. The US-patented technology uses 80% less energy, requires no chemicals, and is 1/3 the cost of competing solutions.

Bulk Handling Systems Booth: 6-B04
Website: www.bulkhandlingsystems.com
Bulk Handing Systems (BHS) is an innovative, worldwide leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of systems and sorting components for the solid waste and recycling industries. BHS has established distributors and sales representatives in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, and partnerships with leading technology experts in order to provide leading edge, state-of-the-art recycling processing systems. Their custom-tailored systems reduce labor costs and increase material throughput and recovery rates, creating efficient and economical operations.

Calcite Indoor Environmental Services Ltd. Booth: 3-B38
Website: www.calcitegroup.com
Calcite is the pioneer in green building industry with 20 years of solid experience. Their internationally accredited professionals provide proven green /sustainable building techniques and project management experiences to real-life situations. Calcite’s utmost mission is providing GREEN, SUSTAINABLE, and HEALTHY products from source; they are proud to supply world leading’s green building products including NON-TOXIC Paint, No-VOC Wood Finishes, Non-Volatile Adhesive & Sealant, 100% natural and Reusable Chemical & Moisture Eliminator and a renowned Natural Soil Enhancer for urban agriculture.

California Centers for International Trade Development (CITD) /
Booth: 3-C39
Website: www.geeenexport.org / www.elcaminocitd.org
California CITDs provide a full range of export and import trade assistance services to companies and individuals through out California. California CITDs are represented at Eco Expo Asia 2012 by El Camino College CITD. In October 2009, El Camino College CITD was awarded a U.S. Department of Commerce Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) named Green Export Enables Program (GEEP). GEEP is a 7-step export clean tech product and services to the China marketplace only. To work with GEEP, a cleantech product or service must be at least 51% U.S. content.

Global Energy Resources (G.E.R.) Booth: 6-C01
Website: www.reducefoodwaste.com
G.E.R uses the newest technology to process food waste sourced directly from restaurants, supermarkets, food processing factories, school cafeterias, and home kitchens.  A mechanical gear grinder is used by our machine to grind food, bones and shells into small pieces.  These small pieces are then transferred to a drying chamber.  The drying process is completely controlled by G.E.R.’s patented micro-computer chip that makes the whole process fully automatic.  No additives, enzymes or microbes are used and no fermentation process takes place inside the chamber.  Together with our specially designed intact processing system and patented odor control technology, our machine ensures a clean and odor free environment.

Growing Solutions, Incorporated Booth: 3-B32
Website: www.growingsolutions.com
Growing Solutions, Incorporated develops and distributes products for sustainable agriculture, horticulture and related markets worldwide. Its patented Compost Teat Systems (40 liter to 2,000 liter capacity) feature Fine Bubble Diffusion technology, a constant dynamic aeration process. From home gardens to gold courses, its Compost Tea Systems produce aerobic compost tea in use around the world as an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers. Growing Solutions Compost Tea Catalyst is a unique blend of ingredients formulated to stimulate diverse microbial growth during aerated compost tea production.

Improve Lives Foundation Booth: 3-B40
Website: www.improvelives.org / www.thermobotics.com
Improve Lives Foundation is a US non-profit organization organized to help school age children from around the world achieve their goals in life. The company invents, produce and promote products to use with renewable energy resources with zero carbon emission, to reduce hunger and to help the poor to become self-sustain. The company is promoting “Nano Coated Heating Technology” at this show. The technology is a super thin clear coating applies to any surface and generates heat from just 3V up to 380V with very efficient use of energy. The peak temperature can reach 700 degrees Celsius.

Resolute Marine Energy Booth: 3-B36
Website: www.resolutemarine.com
Resolute Marine Energy, Inc. (RME) is developing wave energy converters (WECs) that generate clean power from ocean waves and is commercializing the world’s first WEC-driven seawater desalination system (Wave₂O™) that requires no electricity to operate and displaces the main competitor in this market – diesel-driven systems. RME customers are coastal communities and resorts that have water shortages, limited or no grid connection, and a nearby wave resource. RME is seeking to raise a total of $6 million to commence commercialization activities.

Royal Service Group U.S.A./China Booth: 6-B02
Website: www.royalservice.com
Royal Service Group is an engineering and manufacturing company. Royal Service represents energy saving air side products. Acutherm and Steril Aire. Both products install into commercial building. When intergraded into an air conditioning system both provide energy savings day after day. Steril Aire is available in commercial and residential application. Royal Service provides the professional engineering for dealers and end-users to apply both products.

Smithonly Corporation Booth: 3-C33
Website: www.beamii.com
BEAMii Lock Light, the personal touch sensor light that ends fumbling with your keys. Replace costly porch lights with BEAMii Lock Light and start saving money and energy today. BEAMii installs in seconds, just insert the included lithium battery, stick the light to your desired location using the included double sided adhesive tape and you are ready to enjoy the simplicity of never being left in the dark! Use BEAMii to illuminate door locks, keypads, fuse boxes, closets, gates, safes, gun safes, sheds, workshops, offices and more!

SMT Rail Corporation Booth: 6-C03
Website: www.smtrail.com
SMT Rail Corporation designs and engineers the world’s greenest Smart Mass Transportation system.  SMT Rail is an automated, elevated ECO-FRIENDLY high-speed Mass Transportation system for cities and urban areas.  SMT Rail’s ultra-light weight recycled alloys structures, nano-magno reverse levitated drive system and nano-solar high capacity energy collecting coating, combined with one of the longest lasting new generation of cellulite gel batteries, are capable of generating and storing huge amount of green power (with over one megawatt of electric power per mile, which can be sold in an open market.)

State of Oregon USA Booth: 3-C35
Website: www.oregon4biz.com
The State of Oregon’s Business Development Department – Business Oregon – is a cabinet-level agency that directs the State of Oregon’s economic development activities to advance Oregon’s economy. Oregon is a global leader in clean technologies particularly with solar manufacturing, wind energy generation, wave energy research, electric vehicles and the development of green building products and services. Oregon is also renowned for its environmental products and services including air, water, solid waste, recycling management and waste to energy conversion.

StreetVac International Inc. Booth: 6-C05
Website: www.streetvac.com
StreetVac International Inc. has developed a patented road pollution filter that traps vapors, aerosols, metals and particulate matter. The filter system traps pollutant and toxins on filters that are placed in vehicle wheel wells. A vehicle, equipped with the StreetVac device is used to reduce the amount of hydrocarbons, heavy metals, toxic emissions and fine particulates re-circulated from roadway surfaces by simply driving the vehicle. The filters are recommended to be changed each time the vehicle is serviced or when the oil is hanged. The dirty filters can be burned in garbage to energy plants or disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. StreetVac has a patent in China and one pending in Hong Kong.

Zero Waste Energy, LLC Booth: 6-B04
Website: www.zerowasteenergy.com
Zero Waste Energy is a project development company that designs, builds, and operates integrated solid waste processing facilities. We recover material for recycling and reuse, while transforming organize waste into green energy through an innovative anaerobic digestion dry fermentation process. Its proven technology is currently producing successfully results in several European facilities and is currently being incorporated into new world-class facilities in the United States.