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Business FAQ on Iceland


There is a list of Icelandic lawyers and realty agents at the website of the Invest in Iceland Agency: http://www.invest.is. Also contact the Consular Section of the Reykjavik Embassy (reykjavikconsular@state.govN0SPAM.) for a list of lawyers.

You can look in the Icelandic phonebook (http://www.en.ja.is/hradleit/) for basic contact information. Also the Chamber of Commerce (http://www.chamber.is) or the Trade Council (http://www.icetrade.is) should be able to help you. Do no hesitate to contact us for assistance as well.

The Internal Revenue Directorate (http://www.rsk.is) has good information in English on income and capital tax, VAT and double taxation conventions.

The Invest in Iceland Agency (http://www.invest.is) has good information on how to establish, and do business in Iceland.

Visit the official website of the Icelandic Foreign Service (http://www.iceland.org) for a list of Icelandic Embassies and a wealth of information on Iceland.

Statistics Iceland (http://www.statice.is) provides statistical information on Iceland.

Visit the website of the Foreign Commercial Service (http://www.buyusa.gov) or contact us.

The Icelandic Directorate of Customs (http://www.tollur.is) has comprehensive information on exporting to Iceland.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Agricultur has a website called Responsible Fisheries (http://www.fisheries.is) with information on the Fisheries sector.

Creditinfo. (www.creditinfo.is) offer all kinds of services regarding credit reports and background checks.