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Customized Market Research

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Contact Lists

Cost: $150 (unscreened), $350 (Qualified ), $ 950-1250 (Nordic Qualified)
Delivery: 2 weeks for Unscreened, 4 weeks for Qualified
Contact List is a service that provides U.S. companies with a product-specific list of potential agents, distributors or importers in the Iceland market. The list is compiled using post expertise and local databases and there are three options available:

1. UNSCREENED CONTACT LIST provides up to 20 contacts, compiled using the local databases and provided as found, including company name, address, phone, fax, website, contact name and principal activity.

2. QUALIFIED LIST provides a Contact List of up to 10 companies, including company name, address, phone, fax, website, confirmed contact name with email address and principal activity. Post pre-screens and contacts the prospects, giving them an initial introduction to the US product in question. Further contact will be handled directly by the US client.

For mor information please contact: Olafur Sigurgeirsson