On June 27, 2012, BayRu of Skokie, Illinois was presented with an Export Achievement Certificate (EAC) by Under Secretary Francisco Sanchez in Chicago. Their online store www.bay.ru is one of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in Russia.  On bay.ru, Russian shoppers can buy a wide range of American consumer goods found in catalogues like E-bay and Amazon and then have those products shipped to more than 160 cities across Russia and other CIS states.  BayRu has a unique business model of buying American consumer goods here, which are often tough to find in Russia, repackaging them, and then exporting those goods for delivery in Russia.  In January 2011, BayRu partnered with the U.S. Commercial Service in Chicago and Moscow to gain market knowledge and insight. Since partnering with Commercial Service, BayRu’s export sales increased by more than $10 million and it plans to create 20 local jobs here in the Chicago area.  BayRu is just another example of an American company being creative, growing their business through exports, and creating good-paying jobs for Americans in the process.

On April 20, 2012, the U.S. Department of Commerce awarded ShopperTrak (the world’s largest provider of people counting products for retailers and malls) for its expansion efforts in Latin America. Click here to VIEW press release.

Avlon Industries, Inc.
Avlon was awarded the US Department of Commerce’s Export Achievement Certificate by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin on February 3, 2012. Founded in 1984, Avlon is a small, minority-owned developer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative and high-quality personal care products. Based in Melrose Park, Illinois, Avlon is considered a leading industry expert in formulation of relaxers, and hair straighteners. Their brands include Affirm and Fiber Guard, Conditioning Relaxer Systems, Ferm condition Curl & Body Perm System, Moistur Color, Permanent and Semi- Permanent Color Systems, and KeraCare, Hair Maintenance System. USDOC Commercial Service support includes introducing Avlon to its overseas partners. USDOC offices in Chicago, Dakar and Panama City supported these export successes. Avlon has added jobs due to export growth, including in Senegal and Panama.


Midwest Industrial Sales, http://www.mwisales.com/
On September 29, 2011, Midwest Industrial Sales of Channahon, Illinois was presented with an Export Achievement Certificate by Congressman Adam Kinzinger.  Midwest Industrial sells rebuilt, reconditioned, and new parts and components for construction, mining & earthmoving equipment, specializing in Euclid, Terex, Volvo, & Caterpillar.  Ten years ago, the firm exported only to a handful of countries; this year they will export to over 50 countries, including new markets such as Senegal & the Ukraine.  40% of the firm’s total sales are direct export sales, with an additional 10% being indirect export sales.  The firm’s very impressive website, which includes foreign language content and is set up for search engine optimization, is one key to its success.  In addition, Midwest Industrial takes full advantage of government resources available, including the services of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Ex-Im Bank.  Tyson Ely of Midwest Industrial Sales says:  “… The Department of Commerce is a great asset in helping us find new leads and providing reports that aid us in deciding which countries we should target to generate more sales.”  Mr. Joe Vinachi, the President of Midwest Industrial Sales estimates that the firm’s success in export sales has saved at least 3 jobs and added two within the past three years.

LA-CO Industries, Inc., http://www.laco.com
LA-CO Industries, Inc., based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, is a leading manufacturer of industrial and agricultural marking products and plumbing chemicals. The MARKAL®, ALL-WEATHER®, and LA-CO® branded products are sold through in over 60 countries. LA-CO Industries became a client of the U.S. Commercial Service – Chicago (CS Chicago) in 2007, when it began using CS services to develop its international business strategy. This effort coincided with LA-CO’s decision to reorganize its international business area and devote more resources to their efforts. An in-depth market research project started through the Commercial Service to determine where the company should focus its efforts, what types of products it should carry and/or modify for each specific market, and optimal international distribution models. Once LA-CO chose to focus on marketing one its fastest growing products, Chicago Trade Specialist Jeff Graber then provided detailed market research and trade data on the target countries. LA-CO’s new Director of International Sales elected to proceed with contact lists of potential end-users. Through that research LA-CO enjoyed significant new sales revenue. Mr. Mike McDaniel, current Director of International Sales at LA-CO Industries, noted that, “The Commercial Service was extremely fast in getting us our information and was genuinely interested in our success. They took a deep interest in our vision to expand our distribution, and became immersed in learning our products. “The U.S. Commercial Service was solely dedicated to our vision and goals.” Due to the positive results using this service to expand distribution, Mr. McDaniel plans to use CS services to access other overseas markets.

Plymouth Tube Company, Warrenville, IL - On June 1, 2011, was awarded the US Department of Commerce’s Export Achievement Certificate at the Valley Industrial Association Annual Banquet for their achievements in the export of their manufactured steel tubes and extrusions. In partnering with the US Commercial Service and the US Dept. of Commerce Plymouth can now boast successful exporting to new markets in such countries as: Thailand, the Philippines, Mexico and Italy. The recognition was given at the Annual Banquet of the Valley Industrial Association to Plymouth Tube by Ro Khanna, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Domestic Operations of the U.S. Commercial Service. “Plymouth Tube Company has utilized the US Commercial Service to expand from exporting to a few International locations, to an ever expanding number of countries.” says Steve Bohnenkamp, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Plymouth Tube. “It is an honor to receive this recognition from our government and it’s even more special to have it presented in front of our peers at the Annual VIA banquet. Plymouth Tube values our partnership with US Commercial Service and the Department of Commerce and we will continue to utilize their expertise on other important projects outside the United States that will help us increase our exports.” “Congratulations to Plymouth Tube on receiving this prestigious award,” said Cindy Tomei, President of the Valley Industrial Association. “Plymouth Tube’s exporting achievements demonstrate that market expansion does exist even in challenging economic conditions.” Press Release.

Micro Products on March 16, 2011 Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Trade Promotion and Director General of the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service (U.S. Commercial Service) Suresh Kumar today presented the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Achievement Certificate to Micro Products Company of Bensenville, Ill. The award recognizes businesses that have benefited from Commercial Service export assistance to make its first export sale or expand to new foreign markets. “Micro Products is a prime example of how innovative Illinois businesses are tapping global markets to increase their sales which support jobs and economic growth here at home,” Kumar said. “Ninety-five percent of the world’s consumers are beyond U.S. borders, and we must continue to give U.S. businesses a competitive edge by making the necessary investments that will lead America into the future. I commend Micro Products on its outstanding export accomplishments.”  The 80-year-old firm manufactures electric resistance butt and flash welders for the continuous processing of wire and cable, allowing its customers to make quality welds. With assistance from the U.S. Commercial Service staff in Chicago and abroad, Micro Products has made sales to China, India, France, Turkey, and Philippines, enabling the firm to buffer the ups-and-downs of the global economy much better than if they had been selling only domestically.  “Through the Commercial Service’s Gold Key matchmaking program, we’ve been able to identify candidates and secure agreements for representation in multiple international markets in far less time than had we tried on our own,” said William Banks, Micro Products President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our improved business outlook for 2011 supported in large part by our recent export successes has enabled us to increase our USA-Illinois employee base this year from 27 to 33, an increase of 22 percent.” 


Daubert Cromwell of Alsip, Illinois is the premier supplier of corrosion inhibitor packaging and related products to protect metals in all stages, from production floor to export shipments. The company was presented with an Export Achievement Certificate by Midwest Regional Director Mary Joyce at Pack Expo in Chicago on November 2, 2010 for its accomplishments in the global marketplace. Click here to view Daubert Cromwell Press Release (32KB).

NOW International - On May 13, 2010, U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, and Under Secretary of ITA Franciso Sanchez presented an E-Star Award to Albert Powers, CEO & President and Philip Pittsford, International Sales Manager of NOW International location in Bloomingdale, Illinois for their strong export performance as a result of utilizing U.S. Commercial Service programs and services. NOW International is the export arm of NOW Health Group, Inc., an award-winning, full-line natural products manufacturer. The company has been manufacturing natural health products since 1968 for the U.S. domestic market. In 2007 they were awarded the President's E-Award for their accomplishments for the sales growth experienced from 2003 through 2006. Now three years later, NOW International is most deserving of this prestigious award due to their sustained export growth, job growth, strategic long term commitment to their employees and customers. “As we embark on the President's New Export Initiative, no company better examplifies what it takes to succeed globally and the positive job growth that is derived from exports than NOW International for which Mr. Pittsfords's frequently volunteers his time as a member of the Illinois District Export Council”. The E-Star presentation was attended by Export Assistant Specialist Constance Green and Trade Specialist Patrick Hope and a host of companies and managers of NOW International.

ProMark Associates, Inc. of Skokie, IL is a proven innovator of clean air solutions designed to maximize the return on customer investment. Through advanced engineering and development, ProMark delivers highly functional technology that cleans and destroys airborne contaminants while lowering energy costs. An Export Achievement Certificate was presented to Bernice Valantinas, Vice President, by U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin at the Illinois Small Business Export Promotion Forum 2010 on April 5, 2010. It was presented to ProMark in recognition of the winning bid to install their Total Spectrum air purification system in newly built terminal three of the Indira Ghandi International Airport in New Delhi, India with the assistance of the U.S. Commercial Service in Libertyville and India. U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, featured in the picture, was one of the keynote speakers at the Forum.


Article featuring the success of Prostuff and its Commercial Service Illinois collaboration - Click here to view article.


ProStuff of Rockford, Illinois, manufactures starting gates used in world class bicycle BMX and mountain bike racing events. The firms product was used in the Beijing Olympic games and will be used in the world championships in Singapore in 2010, as well as the London Olympic games in 2012. ProStuff's exports increased from a base of zero in 2006 to the point where they now export to 38 countries, representing export sales of nearly 1 million dollars to date. ProStuff also reports that they have outstanding confirmed export PO's of another 1 million dollars at present to be filled in the next year. The rapid rise of the firms exports has allowed them to retain 5 jobs and to add four more jobs in the last two years. In addition, the firm plans to add another 3-4 jobs in the next year due to the strength of their pending export sales. US Department of Commerce Deputy Assistant Secretary Ro Khanna presented an Export Achievement Certificate to ProStuff in September 2009. The Commercial Service in Illinois provided export assistance to ProStuff including China specific advice on export finance, standards and regulatory support, IPR guidance, and shipping and logistics assistance. In addition, Commercial Service introduced ProStuff to service providers that offered business contract assistance.

Fuel Tech, Inc. is a leading technology company engaged in the development, commercialization, and application of state-of-the-art nitrogen oxide reduction (NOx) technology with installation on over 550 units worldwide where coal fuel, natural gas, municipal waste, biomass, and other fuels are utilized. They are also a leading technology provider in energy efficiency improvement programs for fossil-fuel fired (mostly coal and oil) plants. An Export Achievement Certificate was presented to Fuel Tech, Inc. by Ro Khanna, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Domestic Operations on September 23, 2009 in recognition of their huge success in the NOx control market in China with the collaboration of the U.S. Commercial Service in Libertyville, China, and Hong Kong.

Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) has focused its export development utilizing Gold Key Services around the world in the mining industry with its introduction of a Mining Truck Suspension System that requires very little maintenance over the life of the suspension. TecsPak Elastomer Bumpers and Suspension systems are used in all types of products from Fitness Equipment to Agriculture Equipment. TecsPak technology offers the most cost effective solution for applications where control of motion is required. An Export Achievement Certificate was presented to MEPC by Ro Khanna, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Promotion and the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service on Sept. 23, 2009. Click here for (Press Release).

Arbortech Corporation provides engineered wastewater treatment technology and services that meet the needs of firms in many industries. Arbortech’s patented technology helps customers achieve environmental compliance through the use of their green product which reduces the use of harmful chemicals while reducing operating costs, particularly energy usage. An Export Achievement Certificate was presented to Arbortech Corporation by Congresswoman Melissa Bean on April 27, 2009.

Rauland-Borg Corporation is an industry leader in nurse call and school intercom systems. Rauland-Borg Corp. used the Commercial Service's Gold Key Service extensively, both to conduct market research at hospitals overseas, as well as to meet with potential distributors of Rauland’s products. Through his Gold Key meetings, as well as additional information and assistance provided by the Commercial Service, Mr. Selch has expanded Rauland’s distributor network to Vietnam, India, and throughout the Middle East, including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE & Oman. An Export Achievement Certificate was presented to Rauland-Borg Corp. by Congressman Mark Kirk on April 27, 2009.

Rust-Oleum Corporation of Vernon Hills, IL is the premier supplier of paints and coatings for rust prevention and decoration in the U.S. and Canada and is expanding worldwide. John Simons, Director of International Sales, was presented with the U.S. Commercial Service's Export Achievement Certificate by Congressman Mark S. Kirk (IL-10) at the International Trade Business Forum in Grayslake, IL on April 27, 2009, an event cosponsored by Lake County Partners. Rust-Oleum's export business has grown dramatically over the past four years as a result of their focus on global opportunities. This decision resulted in a dramtic increase of $12 million in new sales, a 70% increase during that timeframe. Mr. Simons and his team receive export assistance from International Trade Specialist Robin Mugford, Libertyville Export Assistance Center. Mr. Simons also serves as member of the Illinois District Export Council, an appointment made by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

X-Cel X-Ray Corporation manufactures a complete line of high-frequency and adjustable x-ray units including designs for veterinarians, orthopedic surgeons, general radiology and industrial x-ray systems. X-Cel’s medical technology helps customers in many countries to receive a higher standard of care. The firms products have now been sold to more than fifteen countries around the world. An Export Achievement Certificate was presented to X-Cel X-Ray Corporation by Congresswoman Melissa Bean on April 27, 2009.


Frain Industries of Franklin Park, Illinois is the industry leader in high quality pre-owned packaging and processing machinery, serving the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries was presented with an Export Achievement Award on May 15, 2008 (Press Release).

Elmhurst College is a private educational institution located in suburban Chicago. Since 2004, Elmhurst has accelerated efforts to increase the internationalization of its campus and thereby better prepare its students to thrive in a global society. As part of these efforts, Elmhurst embarked on an int'l marketing campaign that has increased the international student population on its campus by 25%. The college has even enrolled its first student from Zimbabwe.

Gold Eagle Company of Chicago, Illinois was presented an Export Achievement Certificate by Christopher A. Padilla, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, on January 31, 2008. Gold Eagle Co. is a manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket fluids and additives including branded engine performance and maintenance chemicals for the motor vehicle industry.


A.J. Antunes & Company of Carol Stream, Illinois, a leading manufacturer of water filtration systems, electronic controls, countertop foodservice equipment, and air and gas pressure switches, was awarded an Export Achievement Certificate by U.S. Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary William G. Sutton on September 28, 2007. They successfully entered four new-to-market countries including India, Russia, Israel, and Ireland.

W.S. Darley & Company of Melrose Park, Illinois was the recipient of an Export Achievement Certificate on September 28, 2007, for exporting to Panama. Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services Admiral William Sutton presented Paul Darley, President, and Bill Darley, with the award at the Panama Business Opportunities Conference, organized by World Trade Center Illinois.

Cardinal Health of Waukegan, Illinois was the recipient of an Export Achievement Certificate on August 28, 2007, for exporting to Mexico. Director General of US Commercial Service Israel Hernandez presented Vivek Bhargava, Regional General Manager of Cardinal's Latin American Division with the award.

Go2Call Software of Evanston, Illinois was the recipient of an Export Achievement Certificate on June 20, 2007 for its extensive accomplishments in the global marketplace. Director General of US Commercial Service Israel Hernandez presented John Nix, CEO of Go2Call Software, with the award at the NXTcomm show in Chicago, Illinois.

Cummins-Allison Corporation of Mt. Prospect, IL was presented with an Export Achievement Certificate on May 11, 2007, for exporting to Poland. The award was presented to Chairman William J. Jones and VP of International Operations Jim Stearns by Chicago Director Julie Carducci and International Trade Specialist Monica Toporkiewicz (Press Release).

MCJ, Inc. of Rockford, Illinois was presented with an Export Achievement Certificate in Chicago on April 18, 2007. The award was presented by the US Ambassador to Sweden Michael Wood; Senior Commercial Officer Catharina Kronstrom, US Commercial Service – Stockholm; U.S. Department of Commerce’s Office of the Director General of the US & Foreign Commercial Service, Commercial Service Rockford's Patrick Hope (Press Release).

History of Export Achievement Awardees
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