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This is a Commercial Service program, under the direction of a Commercial Officer. The internship experience provides marketing, budgeting and trade promotion support to CS programs.


Commercial Program Support

Incumbent understands CS functions (programs and services) and assists in communicating this information to new clients via telephone or in person counseling sessions. Also, incumbent attends meetings with Commercial Officers and Locally Engaged Staff (LES) to become familiar with program activities/operations and for record keeping purposes.

At Trade Shows, Trade Missions and Receptions – incumbent will be asked to staff our booth at a trade show and to give information about our services to clients. If there is a trade mission, incumbent will be assigned to help clients making appointments, creating a brochure, escorting and handling logistics. Will be asked to create and update financial spreadsheets and project management task lists. Incumbent will be asked to attend business receptions at the Ambassador’s residence or other location and represent along with the staff CS India. (35%)

CTS Database Development

Assists with update of the Client Tracking System (CTS) using inputs from American Officers and LES including but not limited to business cards and counseling sessions. Incumbent inputs additional data to create new client records, update existing CTS records, create marketing campaigns for national release and record Export Success stories. (25%)

Market Research

Research, prepare and edit English-language documents to prepare them as final drafts for an American Officer’s review. These tasks require the incumbent to use analytical skills, make judgment calls, ask for guidance and prepare text to be published to the Internet. You may be asked to draft ad hoc reports, prepare agendas, prepare and enter Export Success Story documentation or edit market research reports (ISAs, IPS, ICPs) about India.

Conduct ad hoc research. Using knowledge of the Internet, Commercial Service databases and Embassy facilities incumbent carries out projects on behalf of U.S. exporters. This can range from a two-page information sheet highlighting relevant information or a PowerPoint presentation in English (corrected by local staff or an American officer). (20%)

General Duties

Handle incoming telephone calls, ensuring that clients received timely and quality assistance. Carry out routine clerical tasks. In addition to acting as the back-up receptionist, incumbent files documents (paper and electronic), upgrades electronic files, escort our visitors and prepare basic memos to the Ambassador or other Embassy personnel. Prepare a weekly summary of activities. (20%)

Other Duties

As assigned.


Education: College enrolled or above

Prior work experience: Desired but not required

Post Entry Training: Training in CS policies and practices

Language Proficiency: College level written and spoken English

Knowledge: Must be computer literate; knowledge of Office 2011 and

database management; knowledge of budgeting helpful; must be able to operate office machines and equipment.

Skills and Abilities: Good computer skills; good public relations/client service

skills; incumbent should be a self starter and be

comfortable on the telephone.


1. Supervision Received: A Commercial Officer supervises this position, but the incumbent is expected to use his/her own initiative and judgment to accomplish assigned tasks based on available guidelines, while reporting on a regular, daily and weekly basis to his/her supervisor.

2. Available Guidelines: CS Operating Manual, Management Notices and overall guidance from Commercial Officer.

3. Exercise of Judgment: Sound, independent judgment and tactful dealikngs with Indians and Americans is a key requirement of this position. When in doubt, incumbent is expected to consult with a supervisor, senior LES or other staff before taking action.

4. Authority to Make Commitments: None

5. Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts: Position requires constant coordination with CS India staff in New Delhi or post of employment.

Sensitivity Level: Non-sensitive position.