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Having difficulties bidding on an international tender in India? Exporting means more than just selling a product or service at a competitive price. Overcome regulatory hurdles, navigate complex policy issues, and win projects with our support.  We can help you overcome trade barriers, bureaucratic problems, or unfair trade practices to ensure that your company has the best possible chance to sell its U.S. products and services in India.

The Commercial Service regularly advocates on behalf of U.S. companies in the markets that we serve. World-Class advocacy through U.S. government Commercial Officers and other U.S. officials can give you the edge on your foreign competition and help you when unanticipated problems arise. 

Advocacy Assistance for Exporters: What You Need to know

Advocacy Questionnaire

If you need support from the U.S. government in pursuing business opportunities in India or with any difficult trade and market issues, contact Jonathan Ward

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