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Welcome to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s website for U.S. Building Products and Construction Equipment Companies. This site is your resource for market research reports, trade leads, upcoming industry-related events and advocacy assistance.

Our division of Commerce, the U.S. Commercial Service, has a global network of 100 offices located throughout the U.S. and over 100 offices located in more than 70 countries. Our worldwide team is here to assist with your international business. To find your local building/construction specialist, please click on the link to the left titled “Local USDOC Offices”.

We specialize in working with the following industry subsectors:

  • Architecture/construction/engineering services
  • Building products (including HVAC, hardware, and power tools)
  • Construction equipment (including mining equipment)
  • Greenbuild & sustainable development
  • Interior design

Our Design & Construction Team members can assist you with the following:

  • International Market Research – our overseas specialists generate reports on the design services sector of target markets around the world. You can access these reports at in our Market Research Library.
  • Trade Missions & Events – We regularly develop and lead trade missions and events for the design services sector along with key industry associations. These missions provide market access and unrivaled exposure for firms seeking international projects.
  • Webinars – learn about the design sector in a market of interest without leaving your desk.
  • Advocacy – the Advocacy Center coordinates U.S. Government (USG) resources to level the playing field on behalf of U.S. business interests as they compete against foreign firms for government contracts or other U.S. export opportunities.
  • Gold Key Service – provides business meetings with pre-screened contacts, developers, firms, professional associations, government contacts, and/or licensing or joint venture partners.  Through the GKS program, Commercial Service staff will search for and arrange appointments with potential foreign partners in key markets.
  • Single Company Promotion – provides support and official sponsorship in a specific market under the auspices of the American Embassy or Consulate.  Commercial Service staff overseas assists a U.S. company in organizing a product launch, technical seminar, cocktail reception, or similar event in a well-recognized location, such as a hotel or in some cases, the U.S. Ambassador's residence.  A typical event might include a 3-hour program with an introduction by a U.S. Government official followed by detailed company presentation and question/answer session followed by a networking session.  The SCP is an excellent opportunity to support your existing in-country representative by co-presenting to a targeted audience.


Upcoming Conferences

Discover Global Markets: E-Commerce Strategies for Exporters

Connect to international customers via digital innovation, social media and mobile marketing.

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
October 8-9

Explore the e-commerce and digital strategies most important to American product and service exporters. Pre-schedule one-on-one meetings with U.S. Commercial Diplomats from The Baltics, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Eastern Europe, European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, The Nordics, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UAE, The United Kingdom.


Discover Global Markets: Pacific Rim Consumers

Capturing Export Opportunities from Seoul to Santiago

Orange County, CA
October 29-30

Learn what consumers are buying, and how to sell to them. Pre-schedule one-on-one meetings with U.S. Commercial Diplomats from Australia, Burma, China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Central America, Colombia, Chile, Canada, Mexico.


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Detailed Event Information For How to Internationalize Your Distribution Channels Detailed Event Information For How to Internationalize Your Distribution Channels
How to Internationalize Your Distribution Channels -- Agricultural Machinery & Eq., Automotive Parts/Services Eq., Building Products, Construction Eq., General Industrial Eq./Supplies, General Science & Technology, Household Consumer Goods, Medical Eq., Packaging Eq., Port/Shipbuilding Eq.
Pre-Register for this event
Location/Date: St. Louis, MO, United States 04/24/2012 - 04/24/2012
Event Summary:
From new markets and new laws to new partners and new customs, expanding your business overseas can be a daunting task. Understanding how to create customized international distribution agreements can help you grow your international business and protect yourself from the myriad risks. This presentation will present the various options available to US companies who are interested in overseas growth using distribution agreements. Specifically our expert presenters will cover: • Utilizing the U.S. Commercial Service to explore new markets and expand your overseas presence • Tailoring distribution agreements to particular jurisdictions by taking into account applicable foreign law • Key terms for your international distribution agreement • Understanding foreign competition laws and regulations that may affect your international distribution agreement • Avoiding violations of the Third Party provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Trade Practice Act when working with foreign agents and distributors • Establishing your brand & sales channel opportunities • Successful global distribution and sales demands in-depth understanding of local market forces, legal, legislative and regulatory concerns, competition, brand recognition, partner financial strength, market coverage, language fluency, training abilities and desire to be more than a "trader." Featured speakers will be Pat Meeker, Senior Director of Global Sales at The Roho Group; Marcia Swihart Orgill, Attorney with Danna McKitrick; and Cory Simek, Director U.S. Commercial Service in St. Louis.

Margaret Gottlieb, St. Louis
International Trade Specialist
Phone: 314-260-3786
Joshua Burke, Ankara
Commercial Officer
Phone: +90 312 457 7167

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  The link you have chosen will take you to a non-U.S. Government website.

  If the page does not appear in 5 seconds, please click this: outside web site is managed by the International Trade Administration and external links are covered by its website disclaimer statement.