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This page is managed by the U.S. Commercial Service’s Global Design & Construction Team. The Global Design and Construction Team is made up of domestic and international trade specialists with the U.S. Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration and industry associations. To find your local design services specialist, please click on the link to the left titled “Local USDOC Offices”.

We specialize in working with the following industry subsectors:

  • Architecture/construction/engineering services
  • Building products (including HVAC, hardware, and power tools)
  • Construction equipment (including mining equipment)
  • Greenbuild & sustainable development
  • Interior design

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Discover Global Markets: The Americas – Miami, FL, May 12-14, 2015

Meet One-on-One with U.S. Commercial Diplomats

Whether for market opportunities, help in overcoming challenges, or general questions, meet with U.S. commercial diplomats from 22 countries:

§ Argentina, Bahama, Barbados, Belize, Brazil

§ Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic

§ Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras

§ Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua,

§ Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago

Exploring the Markets of the Americas

§ How are the markets of the Americas performing today?

§ How will the markets be performing in five years?

§ What are today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities?

§ What challenges do these dynamic markets present to U.S. companies?

Panels featuring economists, industry professionals, trade experts, and U.S. commercial diplomats will explore
these questions and others to help you define your competitive strategy for the Americas.




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Detailed Event Information For ConstruExpo 2014 in El Salvador - Catalog Show Detailed Event Information For ConstruExpo 2014 in El Salvador - Catalog Show
ConstruExpo 2014 in El Salvador - Catalog Show -- Construction Eq., Environmental Technologies, Furniture, Renewable Energy Eq., Water Resources Eq./Services
Pre-Register for this event
Location/Date: San Salvador, El Salvador 03/27/2014 - 03/30/2014
Event Summary:
With the support of the USFCS in El Salvador and the Trade Americas and Design & Construction Teams, U.S. companies supplying competitive construction, enivronmental, and water sanitation related products and services will have the opportunity to showcase their product offerings via catalog at ConstruExpo 2014. The opportunity is open to all U.S. companies but focuses on best prospects for housing and commercial use. ConstruExpo specializes in the the following four subsectors: Construction Machinery; Equipment, Tools, and Material; Household Furniture and Decoration; and Real State and Local Housing Projects. Each applicant must certify that the products and services it seeks to export through the catalog show are either produced in the United States, or, if not, marketed under the name of a U.S. firm and have at least 51 percent U.S. content of the value of the finished product or service.

Maria Rivera, San Salvador
Senior Commercial Specialist
Phone: 011 503 2501 2999 x 3060
Jessica Gordon, Jackson
International Trade Specialist
Phone: (601) 373-0784