Publishing Industry Resource Guide

Our 2013 Publishing Industry Resource Guide is available in digital form for U.S. publishers.

This guide includes country briefings for 16 countries. The information is geared toward helping U.S. publishers sell to these markets.  To have a copy emailed to you, please e-mail contact

Piracy & IPR in the Publishing Industry

In an effort to help publishers and copyright holders understand their rights domestically and internationally 2 comprehensive resources have been compiled.

The PDF file above covers the following topics:

  • What Constitutes Piracy
  • Venues for Piracy (Websites, file sharing, Pirate Bay, full printed books)
  • International Copyright Law
  • Countries that Tolerate Piracy and the Special 301 Report
  • Priority Watch List Country Summaries
  • Internet and Digital Piracy
  • How an SME Publisher find out if their work is being pirated
  • How to Deal with Copyright or IPR Infringement