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In 2009, the Services industry exported $502.3 billion of business to foreign markets. The top markets include United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, France, Switzerland, China, and Netherlands.

A network of trade specialists and industry experts throughout the U.S. and in foreign markets abroad are ready to help you increase your export sales by supplying you with essential market research and trade opportunities.

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• U.S. Census Bureau publishes the latest report on U.S. International Goods and Services.

Detailed Event Information For Cargo Week Americas - Expo Carga 2014 (TFC Event) Detailed Event Information For Cargo Week Americas - Expo Carga 2014 (TFC Event)
Cargo Week Americas - Expo Carga 2014 (TFC Event) -- Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Eq., Airport/Ground Support Eq., Automobile/Light Truck/Vans, Aviation Services, Computer Services, Materials Handling Machinery, Operations/Maintenance Services, Packaging Eq., Trucks/Trailers/Buses, Transportation Serv. (other than Aviation)
Location/Date: Mexico City, Mexico 06/03/2014 - 06/05/2014
Event Summary:
U.S. companies interested in the Mexican transportation, cargo and logistics industry should plan to participate in Cargo Week Americas - Expo Carga 2014. Held June 3-5, 2014 at Banamex Center in Mexico City, Mexico, Cargo Week Americas - Expo Carga 2014 is the most important venue for professionals and companies in this vital industry. Cargo Week Americas - Expo Carga 2014 is the platform for foreign trade and cargo experts from North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia gather to do business and encourage international trade with Mexico as the linking bridge between these continents. Cargo Week Americas - Expo Carga 2013 featured over 300 exhibiting firms in 14,400 sq. meters, 38 technical seminars and 16,500 professionals from the transportation and logistics industry. Cargo Week Americas - Expo Carga 2014 has expanded its footprint to 15,629 sq. meters for 330 exhibiting stands. Fifteen conferences focusing on Logistics & Supply Chain, 45 workshops and 6 specialized fora covering North America (FAN), Perish Goods Logistics (FILP), Manufacturing Exports (FIMME), Dangerous Goods (FIMP), Asia (FASIA), and Central America are planned. Product categories in Cargo Week Americas - Expo Carga 2014 include: • Carriers – airlines, shipping lines, railway companies, etc.; • Operators – customs brokers, operations logistics companies, etc.; • Infrastructure – airports, ports, load terminals, warehouses & distribution centers, roadways, industrial parks, railways, etc.; • Customs – border, maritime, interior, etc.; • Products & Associated Services – cargo handling equipment, clamping equipment, security solutions, cargo insurance, packaging and barcoding equipment, training &logistics, etc.; • Technology – radiolocation, satellite localization, software, etc.; • Transport – manufacturers of trucks, boxes & bodies, service providers, etc.; • Prologistics – equipment & materials handling systems & equipment, etc.; • Logistics IT – warehouse management systems, RFID, inventory control systems, supply chain execution systems, etc.; • Handling Equipment & Storage Systems; • Packaging & Containers; and • Infrastructure, Transports & Logistics Services.

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