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Venue: Cologne, Germany

Date: June 3-5, 2014

Power-Gen Europe - two co-located events, Renewable Energy World Europe and

Nuclear Power Europe creates a unique conference that truly addresses this highly topical and crucial subject.

Addressing the challenges of integrating the fast growing amount of intermittent and distributed generation capacity into the existing power system is a high priority for the industry. It has big implications for grid system operation, the flexibility of existing and new generation storage technologies. Plus, integration is one of the main themes of European power policy as the Commission strives to build a single European power market.

Alongside this theme, POWER-GEN Europe can be relied upon to deliver strategic and technical conference sessions across all aspects of fossil fuel technology, with considerable emphasis on emissions control and efficiency in plant operation. With delegates also entitled to attend sessions in the Renewable Energy World Europe and Nuclear Power Europe conferences, these three days represent a truly comprehensive insight into the operation of the power industry of today and tomorrow.

Bringing the industry together to exchange views, learn lessons and encounter new technologies and

experiences is the primary goal of POWER-GEN Europe. Both the conference and exhibition floor attract the industry’s leading professionals and key decision makers, whose innovation and expertise are helping to shape the future of power production and usage. Our Keynote this year features viewpoints from leading figures from the European Commission, Pan-European utility EON and global equipment and services supplier Siemens. The not-to-be missed Plenary debate will see ‘Hardtalk’s’ Stephen Sackur grilling a panel of power industry bosses over the wisdom or otherwise of Germany’s strategy for its electricity sector.

While the current tough economic conditions across Europe are undoubtedly constraining growth, an aging power plant infrastructure, the need to decarbonise the sector to comply with European directives and the pressures of operating in competitive cross-border markets mean that new investments in generation and more efficient plant operation continue to be made.

For those serious about making the most effective investments or getting the best out of their plant and equipment, a visit to POWER-GEN Europe is a must.

For more information please contact Padraig O’Connor at padraig.o’connor@trade.gov