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Government Tenders

The vast majority of project opportunities are tendered by the public sector.  Israel tenders can be obtained from the following websites:

Highlighted Tenders:

• Invitation to Pre-Qualify to Participate In a Tender for the Construction of The Ilan And Assaf Ramon International Airport In Timna. Read more…

Tenders for Israel:

Israel Ministry of Finance

Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce

Israel Airports Authority

Israel Electric Corp.

Israel Governmental Advertising Site

Israel Ports Authority

Israel National Roads Company – Netivei Israel Plan

Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd.

Israel Railways Authority

Metropolitan Mass Transit System Authority

SAREL Supplies and Services for Medicine Ltd.

Tenders for West Bank:

United Nations Development Programme’s Program of Assistance to the Palestinian People

World Bank Projects and Operations


The Israel Ministry of Finance (MOF) has a database with information about tenders and where you can download any necessary forms to submit a tender.  It also provides deadlines for submissions and other information. MOF database also provides recent tenders and closed tenders.  Along with the list of tenders, the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce provides the country of the tender.  The other websites also provide extensive lists of tenders.  Please contact Office.TelAviv@Trade.gov for further information and assistance.

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