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Welcome to the U.S. Commercial Service Israel

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Our Regional Director Christian Reed on Site Visits

​Executive Director for Middle East and Africa, Christian Reed, visited CS Israel to liaise with USG partners at the Embassy, engage with CS staff, and get a firsthand view of the opportunities the Israeli market offers U.S. firms.  After a morning of “in house” meetings where he reaffirmed USCS commitment to Embassy strategic plans and emphasized USCS HQ’s dedication to the welfare of CS Israel staff, EDMEA Reed ventured out to Herzliya, Israel’s “Silicon Valley,” to meet with two successful American multinationals operating in Israel.  3M and General Motors (GM) both have established a connection with the Israeli Innovation ecosystem and have created R&D centers in Israel to enhance and develop their company’s products and services worldwide.  Mr. Jonathan Pantanowitz, Managing Director of 3M Israel discussed his vision of creating a bigger innovation center for 3M in Israel to enable and increase access to Israeli technology that can benefit 3M and expand the firm’s export profile on a global basis.  Director of GM Israel, Mr. Gil Golan shared his experience working with the Israeli Government when he first established GM’s offices and making GM the first auto firm to operate an automotive innovation center in Israel.

Touting Fairfax County’s Cybersecurity Opportunities

​Senior Commercial Officer Greg Briscoe headlined Fairfax County’s business roundtable event to attract innovative Israeli cybersecurity firms to set up shop in the strategically located DC suburb.  Greg joined with experts from U.S. and Israeli technology firms and service providers to provide the 40+ Israeli firms attending the event with the latest information on the U.S. market, how to establish a presence, and the assistance offered at both the federal and local government levels.  Greg also made a push for the June 2016 SelectUSA Investment Summit, encouraging the attendees to join the Israel delegation.

Removing Technical Barriers to Trade through Education

​CS Israel has over the years taken advantage of the State Department’s IVLP-on- Demand program to send senior Government of Israel officials to learn how the U.S. regulatory system functions in order to reduce technical barriers to trade. This is especially relevant in a market that is heavily geared towards the EU.
One such example was the recent visit to the States of the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Transportation & Road Safety. During his debrief, he mentioned how the visit gave him a better perspective of how to develop a simpler regulatory framework which is more consumer driven. Another immediate outcome is discussions with NHTSA in the area of vehicle headlights, which will result in an increase of exports of additional models based on the U.S homologation system.

Boeing - El Al in Tel Aviv

Ambassador Shapiro highlighted strong U.S.-Israel relations as he observed and applauded the official signing of a $34 billion acquisition of Boeing 787 Dreamliners by EL AL Israel Airlines on October 29, 2015.  EL AL celebrated the day with a morning signing ceremony and an evening reception at which the Ambassador toasted the partnership along with Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Ray Conner and EL AL CEO David Maimon.  This latest acquisition, the largest in EL AL’s history, is the culmination of a long negotiation in which Boeing beat out its European rival, Airbus, and a good example of “soft” advocacy by the U.S. Embassy.  SCO Greg Briscoe was in daily contact with Boeing to coordinate a delicate USG approach with EL AL as the Israeli airline came to its final decision

Meeting with ReMax Israel

​On October 29, DSCO Rebecca Torres and Commercial Specialist Christina Azar met with the Israeli Master Franchisee of ReMax, Mr. Bernard Raskin. ReMax Israel has offices throughout the entire state of Israel, with nearly over one thousand ReMax agents. Mr. Raskin has been the master franchisee of ReMax Israel for the past 31 years and has developed and maintained his business according to ReMax International ethics and principles which was the key of ReMax Israel’s success in Israel.

Business Outreach in the City of Nazareth

​CS Tel Aviv organized business outreach day in the city of Nazareth, the largest city in the North District of Israel, populated mainly by Arab citizens of Israel. The day included a roundtable hosted by the Nazareth Business Incubator, site visit of the Nazareth Industrial Park and a courtesy meeting with the one of the leading trading companies in Nazareth, Afifi Group. SCO Greg Briscoe, DSCO Rebecca Torres and Commercial Specialist Christina Azar who participated in this outreach program, used this opportunity to promote CS Tel Aviv events and activities and to learn about the commercial and business developments happening in the city of Nazareth.

CS Specialist Christina Azar Attended Smart City Conference, Israel

​On October 27, Commercial Specialist Christina Azar attend the Smart City Conference in Herzliya, organized by the hi-tech training company, Logtel Computer Communication Ltd. Conference speakers discussed Israel’s  position and direction of  having more smart cities and  the importance of integrating more smart cities concepts and technologies in local cities.  Among the speakers were government officials and number of international companies who shared their new technology solutions. Christina used this opportunity to meet new business contacts and to increase the knowledge of Israel’s smart city initiative

Ensuring a Leveled Playing Field for US Products

We had brought to the attention of Colorado Gov Hickenlooper, a serious market access issue that has been affecting the ability of a Colorado manufacturer to do business in Israel. Gov Hickenlooper is in Israel as part of a multi-market trade and investment mission. On 10-19 Governor Hickenlooper raised the issue with Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu who then called upon his cabinet member, Minister of Agriculture, to get involved to offer a resolution: Colorado Serum Company (CSC) is a Denver, CO-based, fourth generation family-owned, USDA licensed animal vaccine manufacturer, in business since 1923.  Until late 2013, CSC sold its farm animal vaccines in Israel with great success. Recently, CS Israel learned that the Israeli Veterinary Services have rejected all CSC’s new vaccine license requests claiming that the registration request files did not provide required information. Commercial Specialist Yael Torres inquired with the Veterinary Services and revealed that there are no official regulatory standards in place for registering animal vaccines, hindering CSC from doing business in Israel.  CS Israel will continue monitoring the regulatory issue to ensure a leveled playing field for CSC.​

ITS World Congress, Bordeaux

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From October 5-9, over 10,000 international ITS experts, professionals, public and private sector leaders, academics, researchers, engineers and students, representing all corners of the ITS industry, gathered at the 22nd ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, France. The U.S. Commercial Service’s E-Mobility Team members were there to support the 19 US companies that participated at the show by organizing BTB meetings and onsite counseling sessions ​

U.S. Presence at Israel's Water Tech Week

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CS Tel Aviv delivered commercial overview briefings and attended meetings with over 50 US State government, Mayors, companies and researchers who are in Israel this week (October 11-15) to keynote speak, exhibit and meet counterparts from Israel's Water Technologies sector. US visitors include Arizona Governor Doug Ducey; Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam; Ohio Mayors; state representatives and companies from Illinois, New Mexico, North Carolina, Arizona and New York. We also attended the MOU signing ceremony between the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the Jerusalem Regional Water and Wastewater Utility regarding critical infrastructure cyber defense collaboration. In 2014 Israel achieved water independence trhu wastewater recycling and desalination.  Israel is considered world-leader in water technologies, including recycling, desalination, irrigation, management, filtration and cyber security. ​

Meeting with eCommerce Executive Forum

In preparation for the Discover Global eCommerce Strategies event taking place on October 8 -9, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. Deputy Commercial Officer, Rebecca Torres and Commercial Specialist Christina Azar met with the CEO of the Israeli E-Commerce Executive Forum who provided a detailed overview of the Israeli eCommerce industry and discussed the opportunities and challenges for American companies to expand via eCommerce in Israel.​

CS Tel Aviv Hosted a Franchise Discussion

On September 3rd, CS Tel Aviv hosted a franchise discussion roundtable at the Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel, sponsored by the Israel franchise Institute. The purpose of the event was to discuss ways to improve the franchise industry in Israel; hence, we invited two top U.S. speakers, Mr. Bachir Mihoubi, Founder & Managing Director of Fran Cousnel Group and Mr. Mark Kirsch, Principle of Gray Plant Mooty. Both speakers shared their knowledge of experience in franchise ethics and legislation. As a result of this discussion, the Israel franchise Institute along with key franchise business leaders in Israel has formed a committee to establish a Franchise Association in Israel

Governor of TN led a delegation of 30 to Israel Aug 30-Sep 3

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam led a trade mission to Israel from August 30 to September 3, 2015 focused on the theme of “innovation”. The delegation of 30 was built of state government, business and academic leaders. CS Tel Aviv, in cooperation with the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development and CONEXX, the America Israel Business Connector - worked closely to arrange a successful networking reception at the Ambassador’s Residence. The mission provided an opportunity for the Governor and the TN delegation to strengthen Israel and Tennessee's commercial ties and develop new relationships to increase trade, foreign direct investment (SelectUSA) and R&D collaboration

CS Israel Facilitates First of Its Kind US-Israel Standards Workshop

On September 7-8, technical experts from three major US Standard Development Organizations (SDOs) -NEMA, UL, ASTM and representative from Mattel toy company, met in Israel with members of the Standards Institution of Israel (SII) and relevant technical committee members, for a two-day workshop organized by CS Israel and ITA/IA as part of the bi-lateral standards dialogue for the removal of remaining technical barriers to trade that disadvantage American companies from doing business in Israel. Recent changes in Israel’s standards law mean Israel is revising its 500 mandatory standards to be more favorable to US goods.  ITA worked with U.S.-domiciled SDOs to identify U.S. or international standards for 189 of 220 standards Israel requested.  There are technical issues to be addressed with the remaining standards and virtually all relate to standards developed by the SDOs that participated. The successful workshop opened up a direct line of communication between the sides in an effort to preempt any issues that might arise during the standards development process and to provide the Israelis with a better understanding of the US standards regime.

US-Israel Innovation & Best Practices in Health Discussion

On August 13, CS Israel and ECON officers met Government of Israel officials from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance to review the upcoming Joint Economic Development Group (JEDG) agenda item - Innovation and Best Practices in Health - a Government of Israel initiative to foster knowledge share and R&D partnerships between the 2 countries' healthcare systems. The Government of Israel's priority areas for partnership are disease management, big data analysis and digital health.  Both sides have agreed to include the US Health & Human Services (HHS) to the JEDG meeting, October 13 in Washington DC, to set the stage for a binational dialog and partnership plan.  CS offered support in way of commercial partnerships

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