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U.S. Trade Events

Why Attend Trade Shows in the United States?

Every year, millions of foreign buyers come to U.S. trade shows to meet suppliers and other potential business partners. U.S. firms are world-class providers of top quality, innovative goods and services. Whether you are looking to buy for the first time from the United States or find additional U.S. partners, we offer the expertise you need to connect with lucrative opportunities.

About the International Buyer Program

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Buyer Program (IBP) connects international buyers with U.S. companies exhibiting their products and services at top U.S. trade shows in major industries. Through our business matchmaking service, you receive unparalleled, face-to-face access to those U.S. suppliers most suitable to satisfy your business needs. We eliminate language and cultural barriers so that non-U.S. buyers have the best chance to find opportunities with U.S. companies.

To read about upcoming International Buyer Program (IBP) events and the benefits offered to international buyers, please visit www.export.gov/ibp. There one can find extensive information on the IBP program itself and an overview of each event participating, including the products and industries covered by each event.