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REACH: EU Chemical Regulation

REACH is a major reform of EU chemicals policy affecting all global supply chains that produce and use chemicals. It is important that all manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemicals are prepared, and fully aware of the impact this legislation will have on their business.
REACH was adopted in December 2006 and entered into force June 2007 in the 27 member states of the EU.

Non-EU based companies do not have direct obligations under REACH. Manufacturers and importers established in the EU must comply with the regulation. U.S. exporters may appoint an "Only Representative" in Europe to fulfill the obligations of importers.

Your Italian distributor should contact the Italian REACH competent authorities for guidance on what documentation is required in Italy to prove compliance with REACH. Contact information for the Italian REACH authorities is as follows:


Additionally, we advise that your Italian distributor join a local industry association that is capable of helping its members comply with REACH.
In Italy, we are aware of the following associations:

Federchimica - Italian Association of chemical industries
Via Giovanni da Procida 11
20149 Milan, Italy
Ph.:  +39 02345651
Fax: +39 0234565310
Web: www.federchimica.it
Email: federchimica@federchimica.it

AssICC - Italian Association of dealers of chemical products
Corso Venezia 47/49
20121 Milan, Italy
Ph.: +39 027750236
Fax: +39 0276005543
Web: www.assicconline.it
Email: info@assicc.it