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France, Germany and Italy

The U.S. Commercial Service together with The National Association of Manufacturers and The Society of the Plastics Industry invites all American companies to participate in a webinar on the European plastic market, featuring France, Germany and Italy.

Date: December 3, 2009 at 11:00 Am (EST)

Cost: $ 35Register now: http://www.export.gov/eac/show_detail_trade_events.asp?EventID=29871

The European plastic industry’s turnover is estimated to be at least USD 350 billion per year. The strength of the Euro gives a competitive advantage to U.S. companies. Additives, high performance plastics, bioplastics and nanocomposites all have good market potential. In one hour webinar learn about the structure and size of the plastics market in France, Germany and Italy.

For more information please contact Ms. Rebecca Balogh at rebecca.balogh@trade.gov(202 637 3407) or Kira Migliorini at kira.migliorini@trade.gov(+39 06 46744 2202).

Plastics Webinar Flyer (PDF, 553KB)

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