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The U.S. Commercial Service shall place primary emphasis on the promotion of exports of goods and services from the United States, particularly by small - and medium-sized businesses, and on the protection of United States business interests abroad.


We are the U.S. Commercial Service, the best source of customized solutions for U.S. business to compete and win in the global marketplace.


We, the members of the U.S. Commercial Service, take pride in public service and in knowing that our mission creates economic prosperity and more and better jobs for all Americans. We pursue excellence in client service and satisfaction. We develop public and private partnerships to better reach and serve our clients.

Our work is meaningful and produces concrete results. We believe that diversity makes us stronger. We reward performance and we make integrity and accountability the solid foundation of our organization. We encourage creativity and believe learning and change are integral to quality of service and to career development.

Our leaders listen, inspire, and empower. Co-workers show mutual respect. We work together in an environment that nourishes growth as team players and as individuals.