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Customized Market Research

The U.S. Commercial Service Italy's Customized Market Research (CMR) is designed to provide you with customized information on the Italian market. A CMR can report on such topics as the overall marketability of a product or service; market size and trends; customary distribution and promotion practices; market entry requirements; regulations; product standards and registration; key competitors; and potential agents, distributors, or strategic partners. The time required to complete the report is based on the complexity of the request.

In some cases, the report may need to be outsourced to a qualified third party provider. For a quotation, please contact your nearest USEAC.

Here is what we provide for Customized Market Research fee:

  • An initial, free consultation with a CS Italy Trade Specialist to assess the market potential of your product or service;
  • A scope of work for the project, based on the information you provide in the CMR Order Form and Questionnaire;
  • An accurate, well-researched, well-written and understandable report, providing the results of researching the standard topics below or the special topics designed by you;
  • Delivery of the report within the agreed upon timeframe.

For more information or to place your CMR order, contact the U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC) nearest you or contact us directly at the U.S. Commercial Service Italy.

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