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Business Service Providers
The BSP directory is intended to provide an additional resource to U.S. exporters doing business in this geographic area. The BSP directory is not comprehensive. Inclusion does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service. We have performed limited due diligence research; but we strongly recommend that you perform your own due diligence investigation and background research on any company. We assume no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the providers listed. We reserve the right not to list any particular company.

Human Resources

BPM Associates, Inc.

BPM Associates, Inc. - 29 x 199

Contact: Mr. Masayoshi Tamagawa, Office Manager
Otemachi Tatemono Toranomon Bldg. 8th Floor. 1-6-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
Phone: +81-3-3580-1321
Fax: +81-3-3580-1146
Email: m.tamagawa@N0SPAM.bpm.co.jp
Web: http://www.bpm.co.jp/english

Since its establishment in 1985, BPM Associates, Inc. has been providing professional outsourcing services (such as accounting, payroll and cash control management) to the Japan operations of multinational organizations from the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
In addition to these services, we offer a variety of related services (such as social insurance services and tax compliance) via our professional network as a one-stop service provider.
Our Japanese-English bilingual staff are experienced professionals equipped with the skills to understand your operations.
Some of our key points include flexibility, taking prompt action and observance of promised delivery times. As an all-in-one service provider, we support foreign companies’ successful business operations in Japan through complete IT infrastructure and IT literacy.
In order to promote innovation and development of our accounting service process, we successfully implemented our own web-based accounting application system. This enables our authorized client users to view their accounting operations and share real time financial data under a secured environment anytime, anywhere.
In 2014, we started “SkyOffice Service Supporting Chinese Accounting”, which was developed by applying our web-based system, for Japanese corporations who expand their operations to China. This enabled Japanese corporations to have visibility to the accounting operations of their Chinese subsidiaries in the Japanese language.
We will continue to develop innovative services in the field of business processes for multinational organizations by utilizing our strengths.

Cyest Corp.

Cyest logo

Contact: Naomi Kumazawa, General Manager
Akasaka Phoenix Building 3/F, 2-17-69, Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052
Phone: +81-3-5797-7650
Fax: +81-3-5797-7651
Email: info@N0SPAM.cyestc.com
Web: http://executivesjapan.com/

Japan Executive Advisor is your business support provided by experts in both global business operations and Japan localization.
1.Our advisers work as part of your company, developing your presence and opportunities in Japan.
2.We have over thousand experts with excellent working records in international enterprises AND recognize difficulties of understanding Japanese business practices.
3.Our strength is in identifying and solving localization problems obstructing your business expansion.
4.Service is available on project basis, not a fixed employment cost.

HTM Corporation

HTM Corporation - 153 x 200

Contact: Bill Attridge, President
Minami-Azabu T&F Building 7th Floor,
4-11-22 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 106-0047
Phone: +81-3-5789-7900
Fax: +81-3-5789-7901
Email: contact01@N0SPAM.htm.co.jp
Web: http://www.htm.co.jp

HTM provides outsourced back-office services for foreign subsidiaries in Japan including accounting, tax, payroll, social insurance administration, HR, order processing, inventory control, customer invoicing, and company establishment. While providing outsourced services for subsidiaries with several hundred employees, most of our clients have less than 25 people in their Japanese subsidiary—and most have no administrative staff as they rely entirely on HTM for back-office support.

It is this comprehensive support—our bilingual capability and our strong communication skills—backed by 25 years of experience that differentiates our service. Since 1987, American owned and managed HTM combines the best of Japanese and western skills to meet Japanese accounting and legal requirements, and provide you the insight you require.

Tricor K.K.

Tricor K.K.

Contact: Matthew Kyle, Consultant
Oak Minami Azabu Building 2F, 3-19-23 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0047
Phone: +81-3-4580-2700
Fax: +81-3-4580-2701 
Email: matthew.kyle@N0SPAM.jp.tricorglobal.com
Web: http://www.jp.tricorglobal.com

Tricor Group was founded in 2000 as a spinoff of Deloitte, E&Y, PwC and KPMG in response to the newly established Sarbanes Oxley independence rules. Tricor K.K., the Japan arm of Tricor Group, supplies comprehensive business and corporate services to companies setting up or already established in the Japan market including:

1. Entity Establishment
2. Visas & Licenses
3. Monthly Accounting and Reporting
4. Banking & Cash Management
5. Payroll & Benefits including Tricor Web Payslips
6. HR Advisory, Contract Drafting and Termination Support
7. Corporate Tax Compliance
8. Corporate Secretarial Services
9. Serviced Office Space
10. IT Solutions and Support
11. Change Management Support
12. Back Office Integration Support

Client Reference Videos:
Tricor Japan Success Story 2014: Client Testimonial (English) http://youtu.be/o99GlPO3lu4

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