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Market Overview

Tajikistan’s economy provides opportunities for exporters and investors.  Tajikistan’s economy grew by 3.4% in 2009, despite the world financial crisis.  The growth was fueled primarily by diversification of the agricultural sector after the government stopped forcing farmers to grow unprofitable cotton.  Due diligence is critical to take advantage of the potentially rewarding but high-risk market of Tajikistan. U.S. exports to Tajikistan in 2008 totaled $51.4 million, down from $52.7 in 2007. Major U.S. exports include pharmaceutical products (U.S. Government sponsored aid), poultry/chicken, telecommunications equipment, and food oils.  U.S. companies may wish to explore opportunities for their goods and services in the following sectors (described in greater detail in Chapter 4 of the Country Commercial Guide found at: http://www.buyusainfo.net/docs/x_3564752.pdf

  • Power generation and distribution;
  • Information and communications technologies;
  • Food processing and packaging equipment and services;
  • Agribusiness machinery and farming equipment and services;
  • Mining equipment and services;
  • Construction equipment and machinery materials and services

Market Challenges

  • A corrupt business environment and predatory behavior by government officials.
  • Non-transparent and corrupt customs clearance.
  • Underdeveloped transportation infrastructure and difficulty accessing markets.
  • Excessive and unpredictable standardization and certification regulations.
  • Poor consumer and business purchasing power.
  • Underdeveloped banking and insurance sectors.
  • Decaying industrial infrastructure and poor power supply.

  Market Opportunities

  • Work with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to supply the Tajik portion of the Northern Distribution Network to supply troops in Afghanistan
  • Cooperate with AmCham Tajikistan to promote U.S. business interests 
  • Reporting on developments in mining, energy, transportation, agriculture, and other key sectors
  • Reporting on Energy Sector developments
  • U.S. Embassy is available to meet with potential U.S. investors to brief them on local market conditions

Key Events in 2011:

For More Information, please contact:

U.S. Embassy, Dushanbe

Daniel Kronenfeld, Economic Officer

Email: KronenfeldDA@state.gov

Phone: 992-37-229-25-06

Almaz R. Saifutdinov, Economic/Commercial AdvisorEmail: Saifutdinov@state.gov

Phone: 992-37-229-23-55