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Northern Distribution Network

In an effort to save on shipping charges and delivery times, the U.S. government is now purchasing in Kazakhstan supplies to be used for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Lumber, cement, bottled water and many other products are being purchased. If you are a manufacturer or a distributor who can supply quantities of products within time restrictions, please submit catalogs and pricing to the following representatives:

Construction Supplies and Equipment

Kevin Smith, Seven Seas Group kevin.smith@sevenseasgroup.com

Office Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, Packaging Supplies

Tatjana Pejcinovska, TWI Inc. tatjana.pejcinovska@twipv.com

Canned Food, Packaged Food (not Fresh Fruit or Vegetables)

Mitch Juby, Supreme FoodService mitch.juby@supreme-group.net

For more information, please visit: