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Featured U.S. Exporters FUSE

Promote Your Company on Our U.S. Commercial Service Website!

FUSE or Featured U.S. Exporters is an on-line service of US exporters who are seeking Kazakhstani agents, distributors or representatives for their products and services.

The new website service has been designed to more effectively help you find Kazakshtani business partners by giving you an opportunity to present your product or service information translated into Russian language and posted on the Russian language part of our website!

Note: The FUSE website service is available exclusively for U.S. exporters.

Your FUSE listing will include:

  • Your company name
  • Russian translation of your product, product line or service, along with your sales objective in the Kazakhstani market
  • One JPEG or GIF image, 200 pixels width showing your product or your company logo
  • A link to your website


$150 is the annual fee for Small and Medium Company, $75 is for Small and Medium Company using Service for the first time and $300 for Large Company.

What steps are required to become a part of FUSE directory?

1. Fill out and send the Registration Form that you can find on our global FUSE website. Click here to be redirected to this website.

2. Prepare an image in JPEG or GIF format of maximum 200 pixels width (if Russian will be your first and the only country of interest. If you choose more than one country one picture will be used for all the countries listings).

3. Your Registration Form generated through the global FUSE website will be forwarded to our office.

4. Your product/service description will be translated into Russian.

5. You'll be notified by e-mail after your product/service description is posted on our website.