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The U.S. Commercial Service is the U.S. Government's largest trade promotion agency with over 100 offices across the U.S. and in 78 countries at U.S. Embassies and Consulates, including Kuwait.

January 26-29, 2015: Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Services for U.S. Exporters include Market Intelligence, Market Promotion, Market Contacts, and USG Advocacy.

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Services for Kuwaiti firms include sourcing U.S. products and services and Join our official buyer missions to find US partners

How to Make the Most out of a Buying Trip

December 11, 2013: Workshop on Commercial Registration for Kuwaiti SMEs
December 10-12, 2013: Gulf Defense and Aerospace Expo
October 31-November 1, 2013: SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington, DC
October 2, 2013: One-on-One Matchmaking Opportunity - U.S. Cyber Security & Infrastructure Protection Trade Mission, Kuwait
October 1-3, 2013: Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Trade Mission to Riyadh and Kuwait City
September 24, 2014:  ISN Student Fair at Regency Hotel in Kuwait
September 21, 2013:  US Educational Group Student Fair at Marina Mall
September 18-25, 2013:  American Week at Sultan Center in Kuwait
September 15, 2013:  Linden Tour at Marina Mall  in Kuwait
June 27-July 1, 2013:   Discover America Festival 2013 in Kuwait 
June 11-13, 2013: Automechanika Middle East in Dubai
May 28-30, 2013: BeautyWorld Middle East in Dubai
May 4-7, 2015: Offshore Technology Conference in Houston
May 1-2, 2013: Access America’s Senior Commercial Officers for the Middle East
April 10, 2013: Financial Outlook Report and Discussion
April 01, 2013: Student Fair, Meet 33 US Universities to Study in the USA
March 19-21, 2013: Kuwait Medical Tourism Conference & Exhibition
March 18, 2013: Promoting Tourism and Travel to the United States
February 28, 2013: Student Fair, Meet 21 US Universities to Study in the USA
February 21, 2013: FCPA Workshop at Ernst and Young’s Offices in Kuwait
February 19, 2013: 28th American Business Council in Kuwait Anniversary Gala Dinner
September 24, 2014: Student Fair, Meet 8 US Universities to Study in the USA
January 26-29, 2015: Arab Health Expo in Dubai
January 23, 2013: Soft Launch Ceremony of Discover America in Kuwait
January 17, 2013: Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Regulations

December 12, 2012: US Chamber of Commerce Leadership Visit to Kuwait
December 10, 2012: 200th Anniversary Celebration of Citi and 6th Anniversary in Kuwait
November 22, 2012: Launch of 2013 Camaro and Corvette & 60th anniversary of Corvette
November 5, 2012: Launch of The Cheesecake Factory in Kuwait City

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