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Kuwait at a Glance

   *   3rd wealthiest country per capita in the Middle East;
   *   Rising oil production targeting 3.65 mn barrels per day by 2020;
   *   Multi-billion dollar projects in its National Development Plan 2009-2014; and
   *   Strong demand for U.S. technology and services.

2012 Country Commercial Guide on Kuwait

Our Country Commercial Guide presents a comprehensive look at Kuwait's commercial environment, including economic, political, and market analysis.  The report covers market conditions, best export prospects, export financing, assistance in finding distributors, and legal and cultural issues.  Table of contents:

  • Chapter 1:   Doing Business in Kuwait 
  • Chapter 2:   Political and Economic Environment
  • Chapter 3:   Selling U.S. Products and Services
  • Chapter 4:   Leading Sectors for U.S. Export and Investment
  • Chapter 5:   Trade Regulations and Standards
  • Chapter 6:   Investment Climate
  • Chapter 7:   Trade and Project Financing
  • Chapter 8:   Business Travel
  • Chapter 9:   Contacts, Market Research and Trade Events
  • Chapter 10: Guide to Our Services

Download our Country Commercial Guide report here.

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Industry Specific Information

To obtain more industry-specific information, please contact us.

Trade and Industry Associations

American Business Council in Kuwait

Overseas Security Advisory Council in Kuwait

US Chamber of Commerce of Commerce

National US Arab Chamber of Commerce

Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry

USEmb AmCham
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