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USG Advocacy Support

When U.S. firms bid on major procurement contracts funded by the Kuwaiti government, they need assistance in leveling the playing field against foreign competitors.  The U.S. Government (USG) advocates with the Kuwaiti government in support of U.S. firms to help win the deal.

Companies seeking USG support in specific commercial projects must submit completed advocacy questionnaires.

The U.S. Commercial Service and relevant USG agencies must conduct due diligence on the requesting U.S. company, bid/project and the competition, and make a national interest determination to identify whether the project qualifies for USG support.  Requesting companies must demonstrate how the USG's advocacy support will positively benefit the U.S. economy, primarily in the form of exports of goods and services.

Once a company's request qualifies for USG advocacy, the U.S. Commercial Service works with the U.S. firm to devise an appropriate strategy.

Please click here to download the Advocacy Questionnaire

US Embassy Kuwait contact: Dao.Le@trade.gov (Senior Commercial Officer)

Washington, DC contact: Amy.Tabine@trade.gov (Middle East Regional Manager)