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Aamir Saleem

Ahmed Attia
Vice President, Corporate Relations


As a professional services company, Emagine IT is unique in the fact that our organization excels in a multitude of services including management consulting, systems engineer, IT integration, and IT advisory services. We specialize in delivering innovative, cost conscious solutions to help our commercial, federal, state and local government clients become high performing businesses and governments. Founded in 2011, Emagine IT has quickly become a 120+ employee company with annual sales exceeding $20 million. Our management consulting services focuses on developing mature business practices to increase organizational efficiencies, decrease human dependencies, and realize improved processes. Our IT advisory and integration services allow our clients to achieve turn-key IT solutions through an exceptional understanding of current market trends, client mission, and our organizational capabilities. We provide our clients with a one stop shop for IT modernization, integration, and management services. Emagine IT provides strategic leadership and execution within all facets of IT service management including our core competencies: infrastructure, mobility, cloud, and cyber security. We have a strong staff of skilled personnel who understand complex business challenges and can help achieve organizational and IT vision.

Trade Mission Goals

  • We look forward to briefings with the Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Electric and Water and Ministry of Interior to learn more about the current state of cyber security within each agency. We currently support similar agencies in the United States and would like to compare the current state of technology initiatives in Kuwait and how they compare to the United States. We will take keen interest in understanding any gaps or areas of improvement each Ministry is trying to achieve.
  • Our goal is to uncover partners in the area currently providing the Kuwaiti government with technology and cyber security services. Our hope is that we as a company can augment the services already being provided and our unique experiences in the United States can enhance the delivery offerings for partners in Kuwait.
  • Our marketing goal for the trade mission is to illuminate the services and success we have had delivering the United States Federal Government. Our hope is our past successes will prove we can deliver information technology & cyber security solutions that utilize best practices and stringent implementation standards.

Partnering Interests with Kuwaiti Private Companies Involved in:

  • Interested in meeting private companies currently offering Cyber Security solutions or companies offering management consulting services.
  • Interested in meeting private companies offering management consulting, program management services in the region who have experiences delivering to other Kuwaiti private firms.
  • Emagine IT is also interested in meeting with companies based in the United States but with offices in Kuwait who can help us understand the complexities in setting up a company in Kuwait.