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Glimmerglass Optical Cyber Solutions

26142 Eden Landing Road

Hayward, CA 94545

(510) 723-1900 x1954

fax (510) 723-1955


Robert Lundy
President and CEO


Director, Sales Engineering


At Glimmerglass Optical Cyber Solutions, we revolutionize the way actionable intelligence is derived from optical and electronic signals. Our fast and agile solutions derive results and discover the source in near real time to counter cyber terrorism, cyber crime, and ensure public safety. Glimmerglass serves a global customer base in Cyber Security, Defense, and Telecommunications.

Trade Mission Goals

To introduce the Intelligence Community to the Glimmerglass CyberSweep™, the world’s only fully integrated, centrally controlled solution for instantly acquiring actionable intelligence from massive complexes of electronic and optical signals. To develop local partnerships, which are critical to serving the cyber security requirements in Saudi and Kuwait.

Partnering Interests with Kuwaiti Private Companies Involved in:

  • Looking for a qualified, trusted reseller to the Kuwait Intelligence Community that ideally displays a core competence in Telecommunications and Big Data Analytics.
  • A qualified, trusted reseller or distributor who is already doing business with the following agencies:

o Ministry of Interior

o Ministry of Defense

o The agency with a mission similar to the U.S. NSA and U.S. CIA

o Police (anti-terrorism)