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Implant Sciences Corporation

500 Research Drive

Wilmington, MA 01887

(978) 752-1700


Richard D. Nelson
General Manager, EMEA and OEM Business

John Benton

Managing Director, Building Defense Systems


Implant Sciences is the leader in next generation Explosives Trace Detection (ETD), an established counter-terrorism technology; providing explosives and drugs trace detection solutions. Our technology is crucial to protecting major airport, oil and gas, and key infrastructure projects in KSA and Kuwait.

IMSC products can be used stand-alone, or fully integrated. Our partner, Building Defence Systems (BDS) offers a full range of physical and software security products and has relationships with Saudi Aramco, Bahrain Petroleum Co., and the Ma’aden Aluminum project in KSA, etc. The QS-B220 is TSA-Approved and is a designated Anti-Terrorism Technology by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under the SAFETY Act.

Trade Mission Goals

  • Connect with Kuwaiti Government Ministries and Agencies with large security product needs

o Ministry of the Interior

o Ministry of Works

o Ministry of Defense

o Ministry of Oil

  • Explore new partnerships for BDS with local companies who supply security products to the above ministries

Partnering Interests with Kuwaiti Private Companies Involved in:

  • Major petroleum company executives
  • KWI Airport security / and air-cargo expansion
  • Airport expansion project decision-makers
  • Private or Public / Private ventures with heightened security requirements
  • Other critical infrastructure projects with extensive security needed to keep the site secure