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United States Government offices in Beirut will observe the following official holidays during the year 2013 -2014:


(US) Columbus Day Monday October 14

(LEB) Feast of Al-Adha Tuesday October 15

(LEB) Moslem New Year (Al-Hejra) Monday November 4

(US) Veterans’ Day Monday November11

(US) Lebanese Independence Day Friday November22

(US) Thanksgiving Day Thursday November28

(US/LEB) Christmas Day Wednesday December25


(US/LEB) New Year’s Day Wednesday January 1

(LEB) Armenian Christmas Monday January 6

(LEB) Prophet’s Birthday Monday January 13

(US) Martin Luther King Day Monday January 20

(US) Washington’s Birthday Monday February 17

(LEB) Annunciation Day Tuesday March 25

(LEB) Good Friday (Western/Eastern) Friday April 18

(LEB) Easter Monday (Western/Eastern) Monday April 21

(LEB) Labor Day Thursday May 1

(US) Memorial Day Monday May 26

(US) Independence Day Friday July 4

(LEB) Feast of Ramadan (Al-Fitr) Monday July 28

(LEB) Assumption Day Friday August 15

(US) Labor Day Monday September 1

(LEB) Feast of Al-Adha Monday October 6

(US) Columbus Day Monday October 13

(LEB) Moslem New Year (Al-Hejra) Saturday October 25

(US) Veterans’ Day Tuesday November11

(US) Thanksgiving Day Thursday November27

(US/LEB) Christmas Day Wednesday December25