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International Company Profile


The International Company Profile (ICP) helps U.S. companies evaluate potential business partners. The report includes factual data as well as the embassy's evaluation to help U.S. firms assess risk, reliability, and capability. The ICP analyzes the overall strength of the Lebanese company and provides useful information collected from our industry contacts, local publications/press, and other sources. The ICP report provides:

nternational Company Profile

  • A detailed background report on a prospective sales representative or partner
  • A listing of the company's senior management
  • Main business activities and product/service lines
  • Banking and financial information (An ICP is not a credit report and, therefore may not contain the detailed financial information that is obtainable from mercantile credit agencies. However, reliable basic financial information is included in the report)
  • Insight on whether the prospective partner can meet your needs - trading experience, market coverage, stature, business connections in the country
  • Opinion as to the strength of the company versus its competitors
  • Price and Turnaround Time

Cost of the ICP service

The cost of this service is $600 for the small to medium companies and $900 for large companies. The report is delivered within 15 working days.

Ordering the ICP service

U.S. firms can request the ICP through their local U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC) or by contacting the U.S. Commercial Service.


If collected by post, our preferred method is credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discovery. Banker’s checks should be made payable to the "U.S. Commercial Service", drawn on a U.S. Bank, and mailed to the U.S. Embassy, Awkar, P.O.Box 70-840, Beirut, Lebanon to the attention of the U.S. Commercial Service. If payment is made through the USEAC, clients will be contacted directly by the Trade Specialist.

A Participation Agreement (PA) will be sent for the U.S. client’s payment process and approval.