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Libya is Open for Your Business

U.S. Commercial Service Libya Services for U.S. Companies

Every year, the U.S. Commercial Service helps thousands of companies export goods and services worth billions of dollars. Let us help you find the best opportunities for your business in Libya.

Proven Trade Expertise. Our global network of trade professionals is located throughout the United States and in U.S. Embassies and Consulates in nearly 80 countries, including Libya. Whether you’re looking to make your first export sale or expand your business in Libya, we offer the trade counseling, business matchmaking, and commercial diplomacy, you need to connect with lucrative business opportunities. In addition, we will help you to develop trade finance and insurance strategies that align with your particular business objectives and help you complete your export transaction.

Following is a list of our general assistance areas. Our trade professionals will work with you to identify and tailor the right mix of U.S. Commercial Service capabilities to achieve your exporting goals. Contact your U.S. Commercial Service trade professional in Libya for details.

Trade Counseling

Planning and Strategy

  • Create a comprehensive international business plan for entry or expansion into Libya.
  • Get ideas and cost-effective solutions to help achieve your business goals.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

  • Determine export licensing needs for shipping your products.
  • Understand and comply with global product standards, certification requirements, electricity regulations, and packaging laws.
  • Learn how to avoid intellectual property rights issues and legal disputes.

Documentation and Product Requirements

  • Learn about export documents, including Electronic Export Information filing, invoices, packing lists, and certificates of origin.
  • Verify the tariff rate for your product, as well as any import fees for a particular market.
  • Determine your product’s Schedule B and HS numbers.

Trade Problems

  • Get assistance with customs-related issues.
  • Obtain advocacy support if your company’s exports or bids are adversely affected by a trade barrier or by market access issues.
  • Learn how to limit the risk of non-payment, and receive counseling if problems arise.

Business Matchmaking

Contact Lists

  • Identify potential Libyan partners.
  • Market your firm directly to Libyan companies.

International Partner Search (IPS)

  • Identify Libyan potential partners and get detailed company reports.
  • Determine the marketability of your product or service in Libya. For more information, please check the IPS section.

Personalized Business Matchmaking (Gold Key Service)

  • Meet one-on-one with pre-screened Libyan buyers, sales representatives, and business partners through our Gold Key Service.
  • Leverage customized market briefings, research, and advice.

International Company Profile (ICP)

This service helps U.S. companies evaluate potential business partners. The report includes factual data as well as the post's evaluation to help U.S. firms assess risk, reliability, and capability. The ICP analyzes the overall strength of a Libyan company and provides useful information collected from our industry contacts, local publications/press, and other sources. Please check the ICP section for more information.

Trade Missions

Participate in official business development missions led by senior U.S. government leaders. Meet with Libyan agents, distributors, government and industry officials, prospective customers, and U.S. Embassy officials.

Commercial Diplomacy

  • Overcome trade obstacles to successfully enter the Libyan market.
  • Benefit from coordinated U.S. government engagement with the Argentine government to protect U.S. business interests.
  • Access U.S. government trade advocacy for your Libyan government procurement bids.

Our staff of commercial specialists stands ready to assist you.

Contact us today to connect with a world of opportunity.