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Mexico’s President recently sent to the Mexican Congress an Energy Reform that will encourage a more active participation of the privates sector in opportunities in the Energy Sector.

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The reform calls for more Deep Water projects; onshore exploration and production of crude oil; shale gas projects; construction of natural gas pipelines; power energy generation, transmission and distribution lines; as well as new renewable energy projects during 2013-2018.

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Webinar Agenda

2:00-2:05 pm Welcome and Introduction

2:05-2:20 pm Overview of the Oil and Gas Industry and Opportunities for U.S. Firms

during 2013-2018

2:20-2:35 pm Overview of the Electric Power Industry and Opportunities for U.S. Firms

2:35-2:50 pm Overview of the Renewable Industry and Opportunities for U.S. Firms.

2:50-3:00 pm Questions and Answers

3:00 pm Webinar Adjourns

For more information:

Electric Power Technologies:

Claudia Salgado, Claudia.salgado@trade.gov or +52 55 5140_2639

Oil and Gas Industry:

Francisco Ceron, Francisco.ceron@trade.gov or +52 55 5140-2640

Renewable Industry:

Miguel Vazquez, Miguel.vazquez@trade.gov or +52 55 5140-2643