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There is a wealth of opportunity for U.S. companies to participate in trade events in Mexico. Whether through exhibiting at a USA pavilion or by attending the event, Commercial Service specialists can help you make the most of your participation. Please review the below list of trade shows in Mexico that CS Mexico is supporting. To learn more about what CS Mexico is doing at each trade show. Please contact the Commercial Specialist listed below.


March 13-16

Exintex 2012 – Puebla, Mexico, Sylvia Montano: sylvia.montano@trade.gov

April 24-26

Expo Seguridad – Mexico City, Silvia Cardenas: silvia.cardenas@trade.gov

May 14-15

Healthcare Technology, Policy and Trade Mission – Mexico City: Alicia Herrera: alicia.herrera@trade.gov

June 12-14

PECOM 2012 – Tabasco, Mexico, Francisco Ceron: Francisco.Ceron@trade.gov

June 26-29

ExpoPack 2012 – Mexico City, Juan Herrera: juan.herrera@trade.gov

July 9-12

G&H 100 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Monica Martinez: monica.martinez@trade.gov

July 18-20

PAACE Automechanica 2012 – Mexico City, Monica Martinez: monica.martinez@trade.gov

September 25-27

The Green Expo 2012 – Mexico City, Francisco Ceron Francisco.Ceron@trade.gov