Join the U.S. Commercial Service for meetings with our Industry Specialists at the International Franchise Association Annual Convention!

The U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service - Global Franchise Team is pleased to once again partner with the International Franchise Association (IFA) to bring you expert advice from U.S. Embassy Franchise Specialists from China, Guatemala and to discuss our Services Worldwide.   As a continuation of our highly acclaimed Trade Missions to India, Mexico and the Philippines in 2014, we are currently planning with the IFA and Franchise Times to offer Trade Missions to these countries and regions. 

During the 55th Annual IFA Convention, February 15-18, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are offering conference attendees the special opportunity to schedule private meetings where you can discuss and plan your international growth strategy, and receive a market evaluation for your brand or concept from experts who have helped many U.S. Franchisors achieve success! 

  • Appointment times for this unique and highly popular program do fill up quickly. REGISTER NOW via the form below.

Your opportunity to have an in-depth discussion about trends in these pro U.S. Franchise markets, the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service and how to take advantage of them is here!  Through the consultations you will learn about:  

  • Your concepts entry and growth potential in the previous listed markets and their surrounding regions.
  • Challenges and unique opportunities in the marketplace
  • Recent revisions to franchise laws & regulations
  • How to be successful in these markets by leveraging the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service to help you find investors, solve problems, create a launch event in market, discuss next steps, etc.


CHINA: Franchising shows promise in China. Statistics from China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) show that enterprises from more than 75 industries have applied for franchise operations, including enterprises from the traditional sectors of catering, retailing, and individual and business services. Currently, China has 4,500 franchises and chain store companies creating over 5 million jobs nationwide. The most recent legislation released by the Ministry of Commerce stipulates that franchise firms can start franchising in China as long as they own and operate two company-owned stores for one year in any part of the world. Commercial Specialist Roya Xie who is based in Guangzhou, China will be available during the IFA convention for meetings to discuss the potential about your franchise concepts in South China and Taiwan. The Commercial Service plans to organize a mission to China in the fall. Meet with Aileen to learn about the endless possibilities the China Franchise Industry has for you!

GUATEMALA: Guatemala is the largest franchise market in Central America, with over 120 Franchise chains and 3,500 outlets that have provided more than 25,000 direct jobs. Guatemala is also the fifth largest Latin American market for franchises.  Local franchise companies operate mainly in the fields of fast food restaurants, bakeries, ice cream parlors, automobile services and supplies, gas stations, advertising signs, hotels, beauty clinics, gifts, and toy shops.  Opportunities for the establishment of additional U.S. franchises in all areas of economic activity are excellent, as businesspeople are increasingly interested in new franchising possibilities especially from the U.S.  The CAFTA-DR agreement is providing full market access to franchising.  Commercial Specialist Antonio Prieto who is based in the Embassy in Guatemala City, Guatemala will be able speak about the potential in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Please request a meeting with Antonio to learn and discuss opportunities in the Central American markets.

U.S. & FOREIGN COMMERCIAL SERVICE WORLDIWDE SERVICES:  Many successful U.S. Franchisors utilize our offices and vast array of customized services around the world for critical market entry assistance, identifying and meeting the right partners, qualifying prospects and creating special launch events in country.   Our offices exist in 162 cities in 84 countries and as a U.S. Federal resource; we are standing by to welcome you to leverage our contacts, expertise and knowledge to make your global growth a successful endeavour! 

If you are interested in private one-on-one appointments please fill out the form below. All meetings will be 30 - 60 minutes long and held on the Convention site.   Your confirmation of appointments along with time, date and room location will be e-mailed to you on or about February 6th.  Please feel free to include any specific questions you may have in your registration form. If you are available on Sunday, February 15 for meetings – please indicate that in the registration form as well.


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Jennifer Loffredo, Commercial Service Global Franchise Team Leader

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