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Welcome to the Middle East and North Africa Business Information Center (MENA BIC)!

The Middle East and North Africa are regions of great opportunity for all types of companies - not just large multinationals. Business in these regions can be challenging as well as rewarding. Find out whether doing business in the Middle East and North Africa is for you - we can help you assess your possible risks versus the potential rewards.

For trade counseling and further commercial information on the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, please send us the specifics of your request to MENABIC@Trade.Gov

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A Metal Detector company expands into six new markets in the Middle East

“The biggest challenge for us when we open a new market is to find the right partner who will invest time and money in our products,” says Richard Cappiello, International Sales Manager of First Texas Products.  

Read more on how the Commercial Service staff helped this company in the Middle East.

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