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Why Export to the Netherlands?

  • The Netherlands strategic location, the relative ease of doing business, the high level of proficiency in English, and its world-class and user-friendly transportation and distribution infrastructure make the Netherlands an ideal market and European operations location for U.S. companies.
  • The United States is the largest foreign investor in the Netherlands and has its largest bilateral trade surplus in the world with this country ($8 billion in 2005).
  • The Netherlands is a geographically small, densely populated country (over 16 million people) occupying a highly strategic commercial location that makes it the “Gateway to Europe”.
  • The Netherlands has capitalized on its location and advanced economy to become ranked fifth in the Global Business Environment Rankings 2006-2010 published in April 2006 by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).
  • Accountancy firms KPMG and Ernst&Young reported the Netherlands to have the best tax climate in Europe in 2006, after Switzerland and Ireland.
  • Its core distribution points include Rotterdam, the world's third largest port, and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the fourth largest passenger and third largest cargo airport in Europe.
  • Over 160 million consumers (roughly one third of the European Union  population of 27 Member States) reside within a 300-mile radius of Rotterdam.
  • The Dutch are traders by nature - the Netherlands has a variety of experienced importers, sales agents, and distributors well versed in international trade.
  • The population is highly educated, internationally oriented and largely multilingual.
  • The Netherlands has an attractive cultural climate, in which people are innovative, open-minded and anti-authoritarian.
  • The Dutch business climate is experiencing a rising level of confidence where investments and profits are increasing.