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Increase Your Market Exposure

Whether your company is located in the Netherlands or the United States, U.S. companies can take advantage of the Single Company Promotion or the FUSE program to increase their market exposure in the Netherlands.

Single Company Promotion

If you are planning to introduce your product or servicce into the Netherlands, why not do so with the help of the prestigious U.S. Embassy? The scope of our involvement is up to you. Included in the package could be everything from a simple press release to a gala dinner and everything in between. The single company promotion is a cost-effective way for you to publicize your entry into the Dutch market. more...

Featured U.S. Exporters [FUSE] - Your Company on this Website

We maintain a Featured U.S. Exporters directory on-line, listing U.S. exporters seeking Dutch agents, distributors or representatives for their products and services. Your company will be presented as a trade lead to Dutch representatives. Learn more about this cost-effective marketing tool... more...

GE Ion Track staff posing after the Single Company Promotion
IBM Q&A session