DISCOVER New Opportunities

DISCOVER 2012 will include moderated panel discussions on the world’s regions as well as separate "meet the expert" roundtable sessions.

Moderated Panel Discussions on the World’s Regions

How do U.S. companies minimize risk and take advantage of emerging markets while continuing to develop new opportunities in mature markets?  These are the questions that will be answered as part of DISCOVER 2012 highly informative panel discussions on each of world’s regions:  North & Central America, South America, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

Each panel will include U.S. commercial diplomats along with regional experts and seasoned exporters that will discuss:

  • Emerging opportunities for U.S. companies
  • Factors driving demand for U.S. products and services
  • Issues that are shaping each region’s commercial and economic environments
  • Effectively handling the risks and challenges associated with each region's markets

Panels to choose from will include:

Tuesday, September 25

  • Taking the Temperature of the Middle East: Part 1: Despite it’s volatile reputation, the Middle East presents enormous potential for exporters. The United States is the top exporters to several countries in this region, including Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Learn about the opportunities and challenges of doing business in this part of the world.
  • Taking the Temperature of the Middle East: Part 2: The seven emirates of the U.A.E. comprise one of the world’s wealthiest nations. With a $300 billion a year economy and excellent infrastructure, learn why the U.A.E. should be your gateway to the region.
  • Remaining a Player in the Rapidly Changing EU Environment: Recent economic woes in several EU countries have threatened to generate a global economic downturn. Yet, the EU remains the United States’ largest trading partner with exports to the EU totaling $270 billion last year. Where should the EU rank on your scale of export destinations? And what lies ahead?
  • The Americas: Today and the Future – Part I: Canada and Mexico are the United States’ first and third largest trading partners, respectively, and part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The more recent Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) has generated dramatic increases in bilateral trade between the United States and markets in the region. What has changed since these FTAs were enacted and what’s in store for the future?
  • The Americas: Today and the Future – Part II: U.S. exports to Colombia, Panama, Peru, Chile and Brazil totaled $73 billion in 2011. A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has been implemented with Colombia and is pending implementation with Panama. Bilateral trade with Brazil, the world’s seventh largest economy, continues to expand. And don’t forget about the upcoming summer Olympic games. Can you afford not to be doing business in this part of the world?

Wednesday, September 26

  • Export Compliance-What you Don’t Know will Cost you: You’ve located an excellent export destination and have found the perfect trading partner. You’re all set to go. Or are you? As an exporter, you are obligated to comply with foreign market export requirements and regulations. This discussion will provide you with the tools and information you need to comply with export regulations.
  • Diamonds in the Rough: Uncover Hidden Opportunities in Africa Before the Competition: Learn about the opportunities in this burgeoning but often overlooked market. From the Cape of Good Hope to Morocco (A Free Trade Agreement partner) to Kenya, exporters throughout the world are discovering this hidden gem.
  • What’s Next Across Asia: With FTAs in Singapore and Korea, and a third of the United States’ top 15 export destinations located in Asia, this is a discussion you won’t want to miss. Collectively, Asia comprises an enormous trade market for U.S. exporters; yet, best sectors and business practices can vary dramatically from country to country.

“Ask the Experts” Roundtable Sessions

It is not enough to just know where the opportunities are.  To be successful, U.S. exporters have to be prepared to take advantage of emerging markets and opportunities.  DISCOVER 2012 will feature "meet the expert" roundtables on topics to include:

  • Utilizing ITA's Tariff Tool to Take Advantage of Free Trade Agreements
  • Export Finance to Improve Competitiveness and Minimize Risk
  • More Clicks More Sales:  Optimizing Your Website for International Sales

“Ask the Experts” Workshops will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 26 and will include:

  • Export Finance: Improve Competitiveness and Minimize Risk
  • More Clicks, More Sales: Optimizing Your Website for International Success
  • Utilizing New Tariff Tool to Determine Your Product’s Treatment Under Each Free Trade Agreement
  • Reduce Your Federal Taxes on Direct and Indirect Exports

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