NY-DEC is Part of a Team of 60 All Volunteer District Export Councils Serving the U.S.


Chair - Joseph E. Schoonmaker, Altus Multinational Group
Vice Chair - Barney Lehrer, FITA Online
Vice Chair - Thomas J. Valentine, MAINFREIGHT, Inc.
Treasurer – Charles Dugan, TD Bank
Executive Secretary - Carmela Mammas, New York USEAC
Chair Emeritus - Spencer Ross, National Institute for World Trade 


Amy Allen, The Westchester County Association
Peter Bengston, The New York Public Library

Thomas A. Cook, American River International
Cynthia Duncan Holton, U.S. Council for International Business
Helene Herman, Lee Spring
Maykool Lopez, Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica

Joseph Lui, Information Builders Inc.
Terrence F. Martell, Weissman Center for International Business/Baruch College/CUNY
Myles M. Matthews, GTTC Global Trade and Technology Center
Philip Opher, Opher Econx
Nancy C. Ploeger, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
Christine Pomeranz, Fashion Institute of Technology , SUNY

Andrea Ratay, HSBC Bank USA, NA

Fred Sampliner, S.S. Sampliner & Co. Inc.
Isaac M. Savitt, Gate Group USA, Inc.
Donna Sharp, Sharp Global Partners
Manohar L. Sood, Citibank NA
Aaron Weiss, Galley Dreyer & Berkey, LLP
Peter J. Zantal, Port Commerce Department, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Toni Corsini, Small Business Administration
Thomas Cummings, Export-Import Bank of the United States 

Carmela Mammas, New York Export Assistance Center*

KL Fredericks, Harlem Export Assistance Center*

Joan Kanlian, Westchester Export Assistance Center*

Shakir Farsakh, Long Island Export Assistance Center*


Communications - Ike Savitt, Chair
Export University - Joe Schoonmaker, Chair
Education - Terrence Martell, Chair
Green - Helene Herman, Chair

Legislation - Donna Sharp, Chair
Trade Policy - Spencer Ross, Chair
Program - Thomas Cook, Chair
World Trade Week – Nancy Ploeger, Chair

* U.S. Commercial Service, Department of Commerce

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