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What Our Clients Say...

I'm very impressed with your handy work. Great job on putting together this CMR. Thank you, it was the best money we spent this year!

We couldn’t have made the good contacts without your assistance.

Outstanding service from CS New Zealand.  Best ICP I have seen, and very responsive to follow-up questions.

I have not seen any other type of service out there that can provide what the Commercial Service can provide.  You provide an opportunity for worldwide exposure at a very small cost.  So far it  has brought me immediate sales that covered the cost of the trip plus orders for more product after the show.  I was also able to establish international contacts for future sales.

I cannot recommend CS staff more strongly. The work they did in prescreening the companies and facilitating meetings was exceptional.  I met with a spectrum of potential partners, associations, retailers and regulators and the meetings provided me with the insight to begin the process for market entry.  This would not have been possible without CS assistance.  I am amazed that in less than two months time, we have a good understanding of the major aspects of the markets in NZ/AUS and are in good conversations with attractive partner candidates.

My thanks to you for a terrific effort with the selection of candidate partner companies.    Your work was beyond my expectations and the initial results have been very positive.  This is most encouraging and a direct result of your exceptional effort.