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NZ Market Research

We produce two categories of market research: broad industry research that is freely available to all U.S. exporters through www.export.gov; and customized research tailored to the needs of a specific US company.

Please review our general market research archive at www.export.gov. If you don't find the answers you need, then contact us to use our Customized Market Research program. The U.S. Commercial Service knows that concise up-to-date information is the key to making intelligent marketing decisions and we have the resources to obtain the information you need. The Customized Market Research program makes use of our vast network of industry associations, government agencies, importers, distributors, end-users, and manufacturers to provide you with information critical to your international success, including:

  • Understand market trends and gauge your sales potential in an overseas market
  • Obtain a contact list of potential representatives for you in New Zealand
  • Establish effective selling and distribution strategies in New Zealand
  • Find the best channels for getting your product to market
  • Discover what factors influence potential customers the most
  • Identify your competitors
  • Overcome potential market impediments, including quotas, duties, and regulations
  • Obtain the pricing of comparable products

Contact The U.S. Commercial Service to learn more or to order one of our Customized Market Research products. The cost for this program starts at $350 and increases depending on the complexity of the research requested.