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Promote Your Company on Our U.S. Commercial Service Website

Looking for sales leads or potential sales representatives in Australia and New Zealand?

CS Australia and New Zealand are offering a listing for qualified* U.S. companies on our websites, which target local importers and commercial buyers.

We will post a description of the product or service for which you are seeking representation, distribution or sales prospects, along with an appropriate image, to our on-line directory of U.S. exporters.

Interested New Zealand importers will reply to our office. After we confirm the importer's interest and contact information, we will forward the trade inquiry to you. If you hear from the NZ company directly you may want to contact our office to ascertain their market position and other details.

To receive your listing, simply complete the form on the BuyUSA.gov homepage: http://www.buyusa.gov/home/fuse.html where you can sign up - not only for an Australia/New Zealand listing - but for all countries participating in this program.

For more information on marketing your product with the FUSE program, contact your local Export Assistance Centre: http://www.buyusa.gov/home/us.html

*Required qualifications are listed here: http://www.buyusa.gov/home/who_qualifies.html. Due to the volume of response to this offer, we will not be able to respond directly to companies who do not meet these minimum criteria and are not accepted for publication online. We recommend that companies with products which could qualify as a prohibited or restricted import first check the website of the New Zealand Customs Service and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for further information on exporting to New Zealand.